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questions on a table flesher

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Skin Deep, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. Skin Deep

    Skin Deep Member

    So for the most part, i just bought a flesher (Dakota 4) and i am in the process of figuring it out so please bare with me. I have done a ton of research on how to properly adjust the guards and i do feel confident in that aspect.

    First off I have patches of fur matted/knotted together on the skin side. I am assuming i cut off the roots of the fur and that is them sticking out and somehow in the tumbler had knotted the hair. I know this is not common how, any advice or am i right on my assumption?

    Question 2
    I use a 2 step tanning process so the hides are fairly wet. I am not sure how long i should hang them before i start skinning does it matter of the wetness when fleshing?

    Last question
    Now what can i and cannot skin with a table flesher. Is a coyote skin too thin or a rump of a deer? I am just trying to make a system when i should use the flesher i don't want to make more damage than progress.

  2. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    You can use it on anything but you will need to be careful in thin skins. Your first issue sounds like you shaved too deep and got into the hair follicle. I just let mine drip dry so it isn't making a mess when I am fleshing. Drip dry and roll up in a towel quick and then shave. . As for skinning not real sure what your getting at there. If you meant fleshing then yes you can flesh them wet, just messier. I use a foredom mini flesher on thin skins and the Dakota on deer hide type or thicker skins. That way I can leave my blades set all year with no worries. Once I get my blades set to the depth I want I control what I remove with pressure. After time you will get used to the feel of it and then you can get away with skinning thinner skinned hides. I just like to leave my blades set in the same position always.

  3. ysb123

    ysb123 Member

    First off fleshing with a machine takes time to become confident enough to do thin skin animals, you will readjust your guards a number of times before you learn how to use the machine, then you will realize that tuning the blade correctly is more helpful than adjusting the guards. also the feel for how you pass the hide over the blade, hard to explain but you will know what I mean after you run it awhile. I do think you shaved to deep and cut the hair roots also. Before fleshing, pull from the pickle and squeeze out all the water you can then place a towel on the hair side and skin side, and roll up tight, the hide being to wet doesn't work well. works much better a little dryer. I'm one that uses a machine on nearly everything, just fleshed a skunk yesterday, just be careful and slow. you will get the feel for it, just takes awhile. good luck!
  4. babowhunter

    babowhunter Man,I love this stuff!!

    All of the above and wear protective gloves to protect your digits!!