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NTA Ballot

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John C, Nov 3, 2014.

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  2. shammy

    shammy New Member

    I'm waiting for the website to get up an running. So I can see the info. on all the people running so I can make my decisions.

  3. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Shammy, not a very good format of the page here, but maybe this will help.

    Board Candidates for 2015
    Jim Ellis Oneonta Al.

    My name is Jim Ellis I have been in the taxidermy industry for over 16 years. I am owner and CEO (Chief Equipment Operator) of Dixie Classic Panels, Inc. Born in southern Georgia and raised in northern Florida, I joined the United States Air Force in 1965 as a C-130 crew chief. In 1980 I was sent to Birmingham, Alabama as a USAF Recruiter, subsequently earning the titles of “Rookie of the Year” and Top Recruiter in the Nation” in 1982. After retiring in 1986, I started several successful businesses. In 1998 I was told by a friend that I should start a panel business for taxidermists. Against my accountant’s advice, I sold my carpet cleaning business and bought the necessary equipment; the next thing I knew I was manufacturing panels.

    I have served as a Board Director, Vice-President and President of the Alabama Taxidermist Association. I am a member of Oneonta Masonic Lodge 324, and Zamora Shrine.

    My wife, Henrietta and I live in Onenta, Alabama and been married for 21 years. We have no children, but enjoy everyone else’s children including our many nieces and nephews. My hobbies are work, farm, work, hunt, work, farm, and SEC Football.

    If elected as a Board Director, I will bring a vast knowledge of business, marketing, advertising, and management experience to the NTA. I look forward to using this experience to help grow the NTA to a level such that every member can proudly say they are a member of, and new taxidermists will want to join.

    Mitch Webb Green Forest, Ar.

    Hello I am Mitch Webb from Green forest Arkansas. I have been a full time taxidermist since 2000 and operate signs of life taxidermy studios. I was fortunate to have found the Arkansas taxidermy association early in my career and attended my first National Taxidermist show later that same year. Can still remember that feeling I got at that first show. Seeing all the incredible work in the competition room, all the vendors it was almost overwhelming.

    I went on to serve as board member, Vice President and President of the ATA (Arkansas Taxidermist Association). I also served as chairman of the Southern Regional Taxidermy Association.

    In August of 2010 I was appointed to fill a vacant board seat for the NTA and was elected to the board in 2012. I have served as vice president and now president since October of 2013.

    I would like to ask you for your vote and support in the upcoming election for president of the NTA. Mitch Webb

    Mark Morren Granite Shoales, Tx.

    My name is Mark Morren. I have been involved in the taxidermy industry for 15 years. I have served on the Texas Taxidermy Association as a board advisor for 6 years. I am currently an elected official with my town as a city councilman. I have been married for 25 years to my beautiful wife, and have 2 children. My goal with ever thing I do is to leave it better than I found it. My intent is to take on this challenge with a common sense approach and to do everything in my will to be fair and make sound decisions for the organization. I would appreciate your vote and may God bless you in all you do.

    Joseph Anderson Huntsville, Ar.

    Hi, my name is Joseph Anderson. I was born, raised and currently live in Berryville, Ar. I am married to Joy Anderson and have 2 daughters, Kierra and Riley. I work full time at Wilson Combat as a gunsmith, and have been in the Arkansas National Guard since 2003. I have my own taxidermy shop where I do taxidermy and hydro graphics. I have been doing taxidermy for 2 ½ years. I was lucky enough to pick up the trade from Mitch Webb, and the Arkansas Taxidermy Association

    Jim Tucker Strasburg, Oh.

    I have been a taxidermists 30+years. I have spent 20 years on Ohio’s board of directors in one capacity or another. Serving as president of the Professional Taxidermist of Ohio 8 years and as president of our United Ohio Taxidermists Association for 2 years. I have also served as secretary and competition chairman as well. I opened my own shop in 1981. I would like the opportunity to help the NTA rebuild itself for the future

    Russell Knight Anchorage Ak.

    Originally from Mississippi, I have been in Alaska for 38 years doing full time taxidermy. I was mail order student of “Northwestern School of Taxidermy”, 1973 and I proudly display my diploma on my office wall today. I continue to be a student of taxidermy and strive to run my taxidermy shop in an honest professional manner. If elected to the board of the NTA, I will continue to work hard in representing taxidermists and do my very best in helping this association grow and accomplish its goals. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone and hope to continue.

    Tim Thacker Pocahontas, Ill.

    Hi my name is Tim Thacker. A little bit about me for those who don’t know me. I am a retired Locomotive Engineer. I served for 6 years as the President of the United Transportation Union Local 962. The largest transportation local in the United States. I started my career with the railroad at age 19. By age of 23 I was promoted to the position of Engineer. At the time, I was the youngest person to hold that position in the U.S.

    I was born into a family-owned baseball bat factory. But my love of trains led me down the path I took in life.

    As an avid hunter, and with a passion towards the whitetail deer, my interest grew from hunter to outfitter, to deer propagation, urine collection, and eventually to taxidermy. I first studied taxidermy in the fall of 1994 by attending classes with Joe Meder. Since that time I have studied with many of our industry’s top whitetail experts. As a result, my passion grew, and I started competing at my State Taxidermy Conventions. Competing expanded my knowledge and love for the art of taxidermy. I guess it’s safe to say; that I have become a student of the art.

    I stand for honesty, integrity, and transparency within my State Taxidermy Association and the NTA. The future of the NTA is bright but our work is not done. It is with my pledge to you that I will continue to work to further the strength and credibility of the NTA. It is with that pledge that I hope you will cast your vote for me in the upcoming NTA election. Tim Thacker (aka Antlerman)

    Chris Feldt Stanwood Mich.

    My name is Christopher Feldt. I’m a 39 year old Michigan native and veteran of the United States Army. After serving my country, I attended Ferris State University and graduated with an Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degree in legal research/business/computer science. Upon graduating, I entered the real estate market as a licensed real estate agent and realtor. After a successful career in the real estate industry (one that ended with the economic downturn of the last decade) I went into public service and was an integral part of setting up a newly funded public library. At the library, I helped install a 53 computer system with network and taught computing classes to children and the elderly.

    It was through a patron of this library that I was referred to H&H Fur Dressing, Inc. to assist with their network and computer system. 3 months later I proudly became a full time employee with H&H Fur Dressing, Inc., as their internet Technology Manager. After two years I’m still proud to be a part of the team that has brought great growth to the company. My experience with the taxidermy industry was previously limited to the diorama works at the public museums. After working at H&H Fur Dressing, Inc. and attending over a dozen taxidermy shows, I have a greater appreciation of the inner workings and competitive spirit of this business. If elected, I hope to use my strengths in technology, innovation and interpersonal relationships to the betterment of the National Taxidermists Association and the industry as a whole.

    Garvice Thomas Demorest, GA.

    I have been married for 45 years, with 2 chldren, and 4 grandchildren.

    I worked with Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. for 40 years as maintenance Tech Specialist. I stayed at Mount Vernon Mills, Inc. until 4 years ago then I retired.

    I own and operate a poultry Farm. From 1981 until present, Farm still in operation.

    I own and operate a textile refurbishing business from 1997 until present.

    My passion for taxidermy has been my dream since the 70’s. My first experience began with the J W Elwood course in taxidermy through the North Western School of Taxidermy. I was able to resume my love for taxidermy 4 years ago. I began training with some of the best in taxidermy. Attending numbers of seminars I began competing. Traveling to many state, and regionals until I earned my Award of Excellence in 2014.

    I would now like to donate my time and talents to giving back to the NTA family of taxidermy.

    Michelle Burkholder Mill Run PA.

    My name is Michelle Burkholder I have lived in Mill Run Pennsylvania most of my life. I’ve been married to my husband Rick for 23 yrs. We have 2 awesome sons, Joe and Nick. I now also have a terrific new daughter in law Kati, Joe’s wife.

    I started doing taxidermy as hobby in 1992 . I’ve been doing taxidermy as a profession since 1995 when I passed my PA test, required and given by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. I became a life member of the Pennsylvania Taxidermy Association in 2003 where I have served on the board of directors for the last 6 years from 2008 to the present. Life member of West Virginia Taxidermy Association since 2006 where I served on the board from 2008-2011. Became a life member of the NTA in 2006 and served on the board of directors briefly in 2009.

    Janna Medved Slidell, LA.

    Hello everyone, my name is Janna and I’m very happy to have been nominated for the position of NTA secretary this year. I have enjoyed working, learning and hobbying within the world of taxidermy for over a decade with many of my recent efforts being dedicated to the support and growth of both my state and national taxidermy associations. I gained the skills required to perform secretarial duties while working full time in a semi-formal office environment several years ago. I was originally hired to perform clerical tasks for both the accounting and transportation departments within the company. These tasks included effectively communicating between departments, learning to use a variety of office software programs, data entry and recordkeeping, organizing paper files, and eventually helping my team make the transfer to a paperless system. I was given a promotion during my second year of employment, my responsibilities were expanded to include front office duties. I was trained to fill in for our secretary when she was absent and given an extra shift to run the front desk for our customer service department on Sundays. The additional duties included answering the telephone and directing calls to the appropriate line or inbox, taking detailed messages and/or scheduling appointments/meetings, attending staff meetings, and providing excellent customer service to callers when needed. I look forward to putting my skills to use serving the NTA as secretary. Thank you all for your consideration.

    Mike Briganti Miles City MT.

    My name is Mike Briganti, I am currently serving on the Board of Directors, I started doing taxidermy when I was 14 and became full time when I was 18. I am now 49 years old and taxidermy is still my full time occupation. I have been married to my beautiful wife for 21 years, and we have two wonderful daughters. Both of my daughters do taxidermy and compete every year. I started competing in 1989 and still find it as enjoy-able now as I did then. I have been fortunate to have won many awards in all phases of taxidermy, including Best Freeze Dried at the World Show, North American champion, National Champion and Tohickon Award of Distinction Best All Around Taxidermist at Nationals, I have been a member of the NTA Judges Association since 1995. I have judged many state shows and have been honored to judge the NTA competition twice.

    David Blank Juneau, Wi.

    Dear National Taxidermists Association Members: First and foremost let me say thank you to the National Taxidermists Association for all the years I have been involved.

    In 1992 I first became involved with the National Taxidermists Association as a member and have seen a lot of changes. During my time with the NTA I have served as Assistant Convention Manager; working with Mike Orthober and Bobbie Lofton. I have seen the ups and downs of the NTA.

    As far as my background I have fulltime shop that has been in business for 25+years. I have served the WI Taxidermist Association as VP for four years, President for four years, and as a board member totaling thirteen Years all together. I also served on the IGT board when it was going.

    I have a son, Kevin who has grown up around the NTA and I am proud to say he is now married and I have a wonderful daughter-in-law Tania.

    I have made any friends throughout the United States and want to see the NTA continue to be a “Fun Association” where we can come to the convention and see old friends, and learn new techniques, and teach new ways of improving our profession.

    It would be an honor to serve you as a board member and assist the NT on its continued success.

    Heath Cline Killbuck, Oh.

    My name is Heath Cline and I am honored to be nominated for consideration for the NTA Board oI f Directors. I live in Ohio and have been doing taxidermy for the past 25 years. And have been operating my own full time studio for the past 13 years. Previously I worked at Buckeye Mannikins for 13 years. While working at Buckeye Mannikins I answered technical questions for taxidermist when they would call with questions and I traveled to many state taxidermy conventions. In fact I have probably either met or talked to most of you at one time or another.

    In the past I was on the Board of Directors for Professional Taxidermists Association for 5 years where I was the Competition Co-Chairman. For the past 8 years I have been on the Board of Directors for the Ohio Taxidermists Association and the Competition Co-Chairman.

    I would love to help restore and help grow the NTA to what it should be now and in the future.

    Thank You.

    Kurt Ainsworth Independence, KY.

    Dear NTA My name is Kurt Winsworth. I have been nominated to the Board of the NTA by Tim Thacker. I accept this nomination. The following is a brief history of my taxidermy experience.

    I started doing taxidermy in the 1984 working for a taxidermist in Michigan where I grew up. I worked for him for a couple years, then set out on my own. I went to my first competition in 1984 at the MTA (Michigan Taxidermy Association). I have been to every MTA competition since. I served on the Board of the MTA for five years held several seminars and have been the Auctioneer for them since 1990. I have competed at the NTA a couple times and have been at every World Show since 1995. I have won several awards for my work over the years including 10 Best of Categories for game heads, White tail deer and other Life size Mammals, 4 WASCO awards, and the Artisan Award among others. In 1990 I moved to Kentucky where I reside now. I have been a member of the KTA (Kentucky Taxidermy Association) since I moved here. I opened a full time Taxidermy Studio here in 1992 (Ainsworth Animal Arts). My son now works with me. We do taxidermy and deer processing and do 200 mounts and process 600+ deer annually. I have a lot of experience to aid in the growth of the NTA and would love the opportunity to help.

    J.D. Creager Western Grove, Ar.

    Age old enough to know better but still to young to care. Retired US Army 1998. Past President of the Arkansas Taxidermist Association 1985, 1986, 1987. Board of Directors Arkansas 1983, 1984, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014. Won several awards at state, regional, National and even a few at World Professional level. MMCU (Credit Union) Board of Director 1984, Vice President 1985. US Army Primary Leadership Development Course (Germany) 1992. US Basic Non Commissioned Officer Course ( USA) 1995. Lots of other schools and courses. Combat tours ect. (danger yea just a bit). Appointed to the NTA Board of Directors April 2013. Here to do a job, now I just need more time to finish it. Thanks J.D. Creager NTA Lifetime member 118

    Todd Broussard Bell City, La.

    I am 51 years old. I am married to Tanya Broussard and have two sons. I have operated a taxidermy studio since 1982. We cover all aspects of taxidermy field within our shop. This has given me much experience in both commercial and wholesale services. We have recently entered into the supply business.

    I am an NTA certified taxidermist and an active board member of the Louisiana Taxidermists Association. I received the 2014 LTA Presidents Award for contributing outstanding efforts towards the growth of the organization. I currently serve as the LTA’s competition awards chairman and the webmaster. I am an active competitor as well as seminar presenter,

    It is an honor to be nominated as an NTA Board Member and will be a privilege to serve and represent the good members of our association. I look forward to becoming a board member so I can contribute my part to further educate the general public to our art. I also want to continue to pass down the flow of knowledge to our upcoming wildlife artists.
  4. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Thanks Antlerman. I appreciate it. Looks like a lot of good nominees, And now its decision time.