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Looking for something different for my first truly big buck

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by Pinger, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Pinger

    Pinger New Member

    I'm trying to decide what form to use for this buck I was fortunate enough to harvest this year. I'm not a taxidermist but play around with skulls and camo dipping some. I want something that will show him off.
    Thanks guys and ladies
  2. verne

    verne Well-Known Member

    Go to your local taxidermist tell him your concerns and what you want ; Do a search on game heads of the week , loads of deer heads to look at . I do that when looking for ideas . ;)

  3. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    I always like the look of a semi sneak with the head up. Several places provide them. Real cool pose I think. In McKenzie Taxidermy supply it is the 64U series of whitetail forms. You should be able to google it or go to their online catalog. One of my favorites.
  4. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Any form will make a nice mount. For a once in a life time trophy, I would go with a free standing Pedestal. I can make that deer look good in anything from a upright to a full sneak, its all about what you like.
  5. I like pedestals as well look at some Ohio Taxidermy Supply forms. I love the look of their new pedestal! That deer will look good in any pose but keep in mind how and where you wanna display when picking a mount. Alot of hunters like the idea of how you saw it coming in as well. Sneaking, head up, etc.
  6. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    Here's something different:


    Strangely enough I recently got a deer in that has that almost exact same odd point!
  7. Pinger

    Pinger New Member

    Lol I like that one.

    Yeah I'm thinking wall pedestal, but need to decide where he will be hanging first or should I say where my wife will let me hang him ;)
  8. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    Jesus Roy that is funny Jim. Lmao. Cool mount.