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Dish saop stained our bear skull

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by arkennedy, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. arkennedy

    arkennedy New Member

    We tried preping our first black bear skull and after a few days out of the peroxide 40 it started turning black so we thought it still needed degreasing some more. After leaving it in the soapy water for a few days I took it out and now its stained a glow in the dark green colored from the green dish soap. Is there any way to remove this?
  2. The replies you get will be better in the skulls and skeletons section of the site, but they're gonna want more info.

    How it was cleaned?(boiled/beetled/macerated...etc)
    How long have you degreased?
    What was the soap used and did you heat it?
    What containers you used in the steps?
    Got pics?

  3. Raphite01

    Raphite01 New Member

    I've had a skull pick up a green "glow" from an off-brand dish detergent before, but it came out after another dilute peroxide soak.
  4. arkennedy

    arkennedy New Member

    We boiled it. We didn't degrease enough first time before the peroxide so we rede greased it in green polmolive dish soap for probably three weeks changing water a few times over period. It was noticeable green after the first rinse but just thought it was a thin layer of soap on the skull. We had don't the rinse in a plastic wash pail. Right now we got it in a bathof just the reg peroxide, the 3% stuff. Nothing has happened so far. I'm wondering if boiling it again would get the color to come out or would it just penetrate the bone more. I'll get a pic taken soon as I can.