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FS: Shoulder/Pedestal Length Mtn Goat Cape (Salted/Dried) - Some damage

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Rackmastr, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I shot my first goat back in 2013 and caped it nice and long (cut off at knees and way back for a pedestal length mount). Cape has a few issues but I salted and dried it after turning it and held off on tanning in the hopes I would shoot a billy this year and keep a 1/2 lifesize cape. That happened, so now I am going to list this cape for sale. I'd prefer a CDN buyer but if the right buyer was willing to wait on permits, shipping, etc or wanted to use an expediter to make the process easier I'd be willing to sell to someone in USA as well.

    Cape is from a 5 year old billy with good bases. Shot on Oct 18th in the Kootenay region of BC. Nice long hair and very 'wooly' in his hair.

    Fell a significant distance and has minor cuts, scrapes, etc from the fall. Bottom lip was ripped open but right at the point where I would have cut along the gum line anyways to split. The worst damage is the one ear that would either need to be replaced or fixed. The ear was severely cut on the fall and resulted in about a 1/2 length ear.

    I'm open to offers on this cape as I'm not sure what value it has with the damaged ear and minor damage from fall. Goat is still a great haired up late season billy and with some minor work would be a very nice cape. I'm sorry, no measurements from this guy as I wasnt thinking of selling it at the time of fleshing.

    Please PM if interested.


  2. Sold Pending Funds