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Really havel's??? Might as well buy the cheap a** boxes.

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by michael p., Nov 29, 2014.

  1. I called Havels today and told them about this thread and the complaints. The girl I spoke to said some others had already called about it. She suggested going to the stainless steel blades instead of carbon steel. She also said they haven't changed anything with the manufacturing of the blades that would make any difference in them. I asked her to send me samples so I could see if theres enough difference in them to warrant the extra cost. So we'll see. :-\
  2. Non-Typical_IL

    Non-Typical_IL Member

    Bought a box earlier this year, not had any break, but they don't stay sharp for very long!!!

  3. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    According to Havel's website, premium stainless steel blades are $1.00 more per box than premium carbon steel and $2.00 more than original carbon steel. When you are dealing with one hundred blades, the increased price is minimal IF the perform better than carbon. I don't know if they do as I have never done a side by side comparison. We are talking about one to two cents per blade. If that is enough for you to go broke you are in big trouble!

    That is all beside the fact that these blades are not designed for the amount of use taxidermist give them. They are surgical blades designed to make an incision or two and discarded.

  4. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    For Taxidermy purposes stainless will most likely not make any difference with holding an edge. The carbon steel blades are heat treated before being finished, that's what gives them the ability to hold an edge, but that's also why they become brittle and break. The chemical composition in the steel and the heat treat process are what really matters. A small change in either can have a huge impact on the end result.

    Stainless will probably be less likely to break but will probably not hold an edge as long.

    Last year I put a post on here about buying cheap scalpel blades. I bought 500 off of Amazon for $30. I just used the last ones up a couple weeks ago. Yes they broke easier than Havels, and maybe they didn't stay sharp quite as long, but I still saved $100 and got all of my work done with out any issues. I will but more cheap ones again soon.
  5. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    Dave nailed it. There's so many different blends of SS and CS that it is difficult to compare apples to apples b/c by varying the materials and percentages in each one could end up with totally opposite results. My guess is the "recipe" has changed through the years. But, in general I would think CS blades would be better due to holding an edge longer. SS blades are mostly used in the medical industry for obvious reasons. I have both blades (from about 10 years ago) that I used for personal use on skinning my deer and I've snapped both. They're both a tad to unforgiving IMO so I opt for the edge that holds longer and I just focus on NOT snapping the blade (you REALLY have to - they're both too wimpy!)
  6. buckmasters243

    buckmasters243 Active Member

    I used mine up too they were the better of the cheap ones I got the size21 and worked nicely for thining but then bought more boxes off amazon and the brand was like meiyi or something and they dull fairly quick and keep coming off the handle
  7. Like I said before I use the havels #60 and # 70xt's they're heavier to begin with so I really don't have problems w/ them breaking much but they get dull really fast. Especially on bear, or right outta the box.

    The rep I spoke to said they just started selling a #70A in pks of 12 for $10. Which are stainless and the price they are projecting $30 something for 50 at the first of the yr when they start selling the larger pkg. I pay $34 for 100 0f the 70xt's now so the 70A's would be double the price for the stainless ones. I told her I didn't think theyd be that much better to justify paying that.