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Auodad horn removal

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by gabonecollector, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. gabonecollector

    gabonecollector New Member

    Can anyone give me a pointer on how to get these dang horns off? They have been soaking in water for a week and I got the skull boiled , just can't get them to pull off the sheaths.
  2. Shane S.

    Shane S. Member

    I had a black buck that I had a lot of trouble with recently. I think the main problem was that it had been in the freezer a year before I tried to get them off. I soaked mine for 4 weeks and they wouldn't budge. I ended up going around the bases with a screwdriver every day or so and could get a little farther every day but they still wouldn't come off. Finally I simmered them for 15-20 min and they popped pretty easy. I think they would have came off in the water but it wasn't warm enough. It might be one that you just have to be patient with. Not sure I helped much, best of luck

  3. jk

    jk Active Member

    You could also take them out of the water, double or tripple bag them and place them in a warm spot in the sun. I put mine in my garage and then let the sun shine on them. Check them after a week. When they really start stinking they are ready to bang on a block of wood. This has always worked for me on all types of horns. Good luck.
  4. The bag will work this time of year but cram some Vicks up your nose, .....
  5. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    Aoudad horns are different than wild mountain sheep and won't discolor as much if you put them in soapy hot water for about 15 min. I usually steam mine for about 20 min. I use two pots one on bottom then the other as a lid. Wrap foil around the seal and duck tape. K epping all the steam sealed. Carefully pull the tape off and keep your face away from the steam as it escspes. Put a piece of plywood on the concrete and slam them until they pop.
  6. rbear

    rbear Well-Known Member

    This may help
  7. theguyyouknowtaxidermy

    theguyyouknowtaxidermy The Guy You Know Taxidermy<Daniel Elkins>

    very useful link, saved to my favorites. I am going to try this on my next horned animal.
  8. After soaking I will take a rubber mallet and pop them.
  9. Have a few Corsican horns in a bag right now. Damn near knocked me on a ass when I opened the bags so be ready haha
  10. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Cut under the cores with scalpel or knife, wet them down and double bag and keep in warm area inside. Cold out now, won't do anything but freeze.
  11. We removed 4 sets of blackbuck, 2 antelope and a 34.5"set of aoudad horns in less than 2 hour this morning using the link above. It's my post. That's the bone cores cut off, drilled out, cleaned and treated. Pressure washing the skull caps and inside the sheaths speeds the process also. Good luck with your aoudad.