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Diy freeze dry

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by ofearthandbone, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. ofearthandbone

    ofearthandbone New Member

    Not sure where to post this under so I will post here and in skull forum....I would like to experiment with dry preserving an animal heart...most likely a fox or coyote which I have now. I want it dehydrated all the way to make a sculpture with. I'm curious about freeze drying in my deep freezer but have only seen a little diy style online...looking for a person who I can actually communicate with...also, if I try and dehydrate it should I take any steps to prepare it? I would think the process of drying a heart in a dehydrator would probably kill it since it would take forever. Any experience?
  2. EbonFeline

    EbonFeline New Member

    A dehydrator creats warm-hot air fan forced over the contents of the dehydrator.
    The temps for fruit and veg are lower than that used for meat. Meat is set at a higher temp to both cure faster but it also partially cooks it as well
    As you are infact seeking to freeze dry...it would be a very different result.
    Freeze drying is a process which removes all the moisture content of the item at subzero temperatures..its a different kind of curing.
    If you wanted to "attempt" a DIY I would suggest placing item in a box with a container of that " dehumidifier " stuff that absorbs moisture.. and put the sealed box in your freezer. This may work..
    Many taxidermists can attest to " freezer burn" which is pretty much the same process... all moisture is taken out and its cured/ burnt/ dried (thus freezer burn/ freeze dried )
    Though.. few taxidermists do THAT intentionally to their skins!

  3. ofearthandbone

    ofearthandbone New Member

    Would you think that is is safe once it is freezer burned to keep out in a sculpture for good? I think I know the desiccant you are referring to.
  4. It probably wont look like a heart once dehydrated. After all it is a muscle which is mostly water. It will shrivel up about 1/2 it's size. Your best bet would be to maybe cast it or sculpt one.
  5. I talked to a guy that did use a jerky dehydrator on some smaller birds and he told me it worked fine. Not sure I would trust the end result though. Why don't you just pay to have it done professionally?
  6. ofearthandbone

    ofearthandbone New Member

    I'm on the diy or free path now...I don't mind if it shrivels since it will still be heart to put under a glass frame. I'm iffy on running my dehydrator in my garage unattended. It's old and my garage is way outside of my house. Plus it's a surprise gift for my hub. I do have a deep freezer that he wants nothing to do with ....he's on the sweetish side...squeamish.

    Thanks so much for all the advise folks. Love the community here...only a couple folks who keep taunting me for some reason. :mad: :mad:
  7. Michelle McCarver

    Michelle McCarver New Member

    Hi! How did it workout for you? I am getting ready to either attempt a diy freeze dry or the dehydrator I keep going back and forth any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You- Michelle McCarver
  8. Tanglewood Taxidermy

    Tanglewood Taxidermy Well-Known Member

    I don't think you will get your answer. She hasn't been on here since August 2015.
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