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What Subspecies of Leopard is this?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by nuclearjunky, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. nuclearjunky

    nuclearjunky Member

    Hi there,

    I got that old Victorian Leopard Head from an UK taxidermist. It has been done in 1922. As it was badly damaged, I opened it to get the skull out.
    Now I would like to know what subspecies of leopard (that do have differences in color and texture of fur) it may have been.
    The fur is short and rather soft. It has a grey tinge on the brighter parts. Skull is about 22cms long.

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  2. bowerbird

    bowerbird New Member

    I would only guess that since the British shot the living daylights out of British India in that respect, I would lean towards Asian, more specific Indian leopard. But that is easy timely a guess

  3. Daniel M.

    Daniel M. Tongo, the best dog in the world. (Saarloos)

    That is no leopard, look up a cheeta skull, looks just like yours and the skin looks very cheetah like, very rounded ears and solid spots


    x2 on cheetah
  5. nuclearjunky

    nuclearjunky Member

    Thanks for the answers. It is definitly not a cheetah, as it has grooved canines, which is not the case in a cheetah.
    At the moment, I am leaning towards persian leopard, because the fur has a grey tinge. An Indian leopard is more reddish, or yellow.
    I am also considering this to be a snow leopard. When I looked on Google, I saw that snow leopard and cheetah skull are very similar.

    Does anyone know an address were I could send the fotos to to find out for sure. I know there are experts on cats who can find out exact species/subspecies by size of spots etc.
  6. Fur can varies with in the same sub specie,even sometimes between male and female and even within the same litter. So to make a judgement by color on an old faded piece of fur is totally incorrect. YOU could make a judgement on pelage where the animals home range is. Also variation among subspecies due to tooth groves and growth abnormalities. Always remember there are genetic anomalies within the subspecies.
  7. https://www.boneroom.com/welcome.aspx?c=782&i=2707&n=AfricanLeopardSkullCast#1

    I seriously doubt the ability of anyone to make a call on subspecies. I would doubt the snow leopard and the fact the pelage does not match even the summer coat. Pelage certainly does NOT have the markings of a clouded leopard either.