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Discolored sheep horns

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by cameron2, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. cameron2

    cameron2 Member

    I got a set of sheep horns (bighorn) that were boiled off the cores, leaving the base of the horns pretty dark and unnaturally discolored. Is there a way to bring back the original color (or remove the discoloration)? Thanks.
  2. point75

    point75 Member

    Yikes!!! Boiling will always darken wild sheep horns. Only think I know to do is have some expert like Klaus Lebrecht recolor the horns for you. Bighorn mounts are rare and I would spend the extra money to use an expert.

  3. I macerated my Dall's sheep skull and to help with the discoloring (oils and grease soaking in) I let the sheaths soak in ammonia for a little while... after they were pulled out and dried... I put mineral oil on them to give them "moisture" again...
  4. No heating will not darken sheep horns. But an idiot boiling them will.

    Next time make sure the water is several inches over the horns, you want the horns and head totally under water be several inches. This way the grease will float to the top.

    Next after say ten minutes at 170F of so pull the horns out and pry the bases, see if you can slip the horns off the cores, if not repeat the 170F for ten more minutes. keep repeating until the horns slip off.