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any gd. tips on woody's hood?

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Sitting Duck, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Isn't that what the forum is all about ??? HELPING others? It's not only to promote your business. Keeping trade secrets is OLD SCHOOL...I will help anyone that asks me for advice. I'm not in any competition with anyone on here! All that matters to me is that my customer is satisfied. I just read this thread to my husband ,who just retired from the masonry business of 41 years ,and he said he ALWAYS would help out anyone that would ask him for free advice...if you're good enough at what you do you don't have to worry about competition!!!!

    By the way Happy New Year to all the GREAT FRIENDS I made on this forum and to all I may become friends with in the future!
  2. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member

    Matt, so what way do you use then? (maybe I missed it in an earlier post?)

  3. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    So many who use to help others no strings attached have left this so called strongest thread in the world because they were forced out....
    You can now add me to that list, my thoughts get censored, and if your not part of the big lie then you don't belong.
    You two faced lying bastard, you know exactly what I am talking about. I never get caught up in any of the BS that this site has created but no longer will you try and tell me who I can or can not be friends with or help what are you 3?.
    My only suggestion to all you newbies, be very careful who you hitch your wagon to in the future..
  4. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member

    When I asked all the heavy hitters that I know that have left it was because of one individual. (personal attacks and PM's)

    Gees I wonder who that person is ?
  5. My thoughts EXACTLY Dan! What a shame.....
  6. IU Doug

    IU Doug Member

    Please don't leave Wolfgang. Even if you never give another tip the pictures of your mounts are such an inspiration to me and I am sure others as well. If you do decide to go you will be missed. :(
  7. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    I guess I missed something in the last couple of post.... Brian, leaving is not the answer as it is kinda like "I'm taking my ball and going home". There are a lot of people on here that view your work and know there is a vast amount of experience behind that. Matt, has a lot of knowledge also and it shows in his work also. Over the last three years I've take a class from someone and I always get the question "Why". It's because everyone dose something different and you always learn. Looking at everyone's work make old people like me striving to do better. I visit others sites and check out their latest work and try to copy the pose on some of my birds. I don't know who really pissed you off to this point but believe me it's not worth. I've never met you but I have attended the WTC for the last 3 times in the U.S. and will be in Springfield this may. Hope you will be there and I can at least say hello to one respected.

  8. Brian Please do not do that! You are not going to let someone intimidate you into leaving this site! It's true when I use to frequent this site I never noticed you to be caught up in the "clicky" part of it and I liked that about you! If you leave you lose and many other people here on this site lose as well! I haven't been on here in a while and didn't know all this was going on and still don't know the half of it! But it would be a great loss if you decide to leave and I hope you reconsider! David, AKA, Sitting duck.
  9. igor

    igor Member

    Brian, I was very close to leave this site last year. But after receiving many PM's I decided to be above my emotions and stay. It is possible that someone is trying to make a good taxidermists like you, Brian, to leave. Please stay.
  10. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    As again demonstrated last evening, KMA posts crappola, and when others speak out the truth, then KMAs buddies are asked to step in and yank posts not ingratiating to KMA, and also clean up KMAs messes, in an effort to keep up the big lie. What KMA said about Wolfgang, and the way Brian's posts were yanked was just, typically, disrespectful.

    Thank you Brian for your excellence and sharing.

    Here is one of my favorite Wolfgang tutorials …


    Rich, I don't see it as "taking his ball and going home".

    When the game is rigged, when censors can be bought, the rules unequally enforced, and so many of the quality players gone, why play here ?
  11. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    Good grief .... NOW what's going on?
    Personality clashes AGAIN???

    You would almost think that this place is frequented by a bunch of artists or something .... those crazy creative types can never agree on anything!
  12. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    I don't doubt that. George is one of those people who thinks that common courtesy, tact, and respect for others is unnecessary.

    Now, to put this thread back on topic, even if it's (probably) only temporary ...

    There is one tip, and one tip only, that I will offer for wood duck heads: Put the skin back exactly the way that it was!

    IF you do that, and IF you have fleshed the skin and washed it properly then the crest will fall into place if you blow on it.

    Those are big "IFs".
    The trick is getting it back like it was. For that you need to have the underlying anatomy done accurately and you need to have the skin taxied into the right place.
    After that, the rest is easy.
  13. Ok thank you Nancy!!! Never dreamed all this was going to happen?!
  14. Sprigman

    Sprigman Member

    This is true with any & all heads, not just wood ducks. Thanks Nancy for your insight.

    So true and I just thought it was New Years eve toddies and the after effects. :)
  15. webfoot123

    webfoot123 New Member

    x2 with Nancy and Sprigman and I think another thing that helps with the shaping of the head is to drill the earhole and put a little epoxy sculpt so you can pin the ear hole back this helps to get the skin back in line and then when you set the eyes if every thing you put back was right the crest will be right
  16. 689

    689 Well-Known Member

    Webfoot......that is one thing that i never think of when working one the heads is the ear placement cuz there are no ear on the artificial heads so i dont think about it being a newbie.i will start keeping the original heads and when i get the ones i order,i will get the correcr ear placement and start doing just that.

    Thanks nancy,springman and webfoot....
  17. I just have to know!? Did all this Bull $#&% start because Wolfgang offered to do a tutorial on a wood duck head??? Because when I go back to read the beginning Brian replies to my question and then offers to do a tutorial and then Bam!!! out of the blue Matt comes in P-Oed because Brian is going to give away "free" instruction and then he attacks Scandler trying to make him look like some backwoods hick with his smart A$$ "Golly" comment! I mean, am I missing something hear, or what!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Am I just Naïve, in the dark, or maybe I'm the backwoods Hick! Is there a rule about certain people giving a tutorial? I would've really liked to have seen that! Especially from someone like Wolfgang! Hopefully someone can fill me in because I don't have a clue? Thanks, David
  18. Ok, Matt Thanks for trying to clear this up, I really still don't see where he's screaming In capital letters at you, but ok, I haven't been on here much lately so maybe there's more to what your saying. It just bothers me when someone's asking something (not meaning anything by it) and they get chastised for it. As you've said there's been many disagreements on this site, and it can be very "clicky" sometimes but there are a lot of good people on here also that are more than happy to share their expertise I'm not implying that you don't, just saying. I have a good friend who's just starting to learn bird taxi we have both talked about you and Brian how good you both are In fact he has even talked to me about taking some of your classes, I have even thought about contacting you just to get me caught up on some of the newer ways to speed me up I'm not a beginner but would like to step up a few more notches as I may be doing more of this when I retire, "not as a full blown business" but as extra income as I do now "very few at the moment" compared to some of you guys and gals. Some of these newer guys see these post and there afraid to ask anything for being made to look like a fool and that's what I hope doesn't happen, Even when I posted this question I didn't know what kind of responses I would get! But thankfully everyone has been so kind in sharing there tips and I'm very thankful for that! I was very happy to see wolfgangs reply as well as all the others and would've been if you had replied! If I did misrepresent your comment then I apologize and I'm glad you and Scandler have moved on! I have shared a few things myself on here and answered p.ms Probably not to the extent that some of you experts have but if I think I can help someone new than I'm more than happy to do that, because I've been there! And It's like I said If you want to share, that's great do it, If you don't then don't but don't knock someone down just for asking! Anyway thanks for trying to shed some light on this subject!
  19. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

  20. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    That is a thread of a different color. I will stick with the how to mount, groom, paint, and understand quality work before we hit on that portion of the business.