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Form Alteration ?

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by mark w, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. mark w

    mark w Member

    I need to alter an elk , If I cut the back plywood off, do my alteration, should I foam the wood back on and will it be strong enough to hang, or is there a better way to reattach the back ?
  2. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Yes, I add a little more reinforcement on big critters like that, but once you mount it up and staple the hide the back, where can it go?

  3. If your worried you can always screw into the backboard in 2 or 3 places with 3-1/2 inch deck screws, then on the end of the deck screws put wood blocks into them, even if they are small cuts of plywood it will be like 3 ancors across the surface of your backboard because the foam will fill up around the small blocks and lock the whole board into place.

    You should be fine regardless though, foams some seriously sticky stuff, its almost as good as an adhisive as bondo! LOL just playing George.
  4. Jerry Huffaker

    Jerry Huffaker Well-Known Member

    I bondo mine on