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Size of your collection?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Trouble_667, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. So 'Great Skulls?' thread about the coolest skull you want generated a lot of interesting answers. It made me wonder how big everyone's collection is and if they have any major focus (intentional or unintentional). For example, I have practically no reptiles in my collection. Not for lack of interest, just haven't been what's popped up... I only have 3. haha And that's out of about 180 species. I also only have 1 fish and a handful of birds. Definitely focused most heavily on mammals and most of those are rodents. How about the rest of you? :)
  2. I lost count at 330 skulls but probably don't have as may species as Trouble_667. I did recently add male and female polar bear skulls to my collection and have about 12 species of monkeys.

  3. akvz

    akvz New Member

    I've got a much more meager collection at only about 40 specimens representing about 27 species, most of which are (unintentionally) native to the area. I do have a bit of a focus on rodents, when I first started to collect I thought I would be all about carnivores but truth be told... I've found them to be a little boring! I'm not against having them, of course, I just didn't feel the spark I did with rodents.
    Second largest group I have are ducks... redheads, pintails, scaups... many of my duck skulls are still raw.

    Currently my lifestyle is not conductive to building a large collection, but once I get settled (hopefully by this year) I can begin to direct more effort towards skull collecting.
  4. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Never counted but I know I have more skulls in boxes then I have on display because I don't have room for them all.
  5. I've only been hardcore collecting for a little under a year, but I have about 20 skulls with no repeating species. I have about 25 total.

    RENUIRT Member

    ...I started collecting skulls last year. I think it was July. So far I have about 50+ skulls in my collection and more than 10 skeletons I have in a box somewhere. I'm up to at least 20 species now. On some species I have 2 of each because they're male and female and on others I have 3 or more because of their size like a huge lynx or bobcat skull.
  7. lizardguts

    lizardguts skull collector

    It's been a while since I've done a count but I'm probably up to around 200 by now, 60-70 of which are dogs. Those used to be my main interest but I'm getting bored of them now and want to focus on more species variety.

    What's funny is I still need most of the common furbearers like foxes, mink, etc because I keep selling them off while telling myself I can keep one for me any old time.
  8. mroldharry

    mroldharry Member

    I started my collection 2years ago and have about 70 skulls in about 50 species. Half of them are felines and which is what I'm try to focus on.

    I am also interested in crocodylia. But only have Thailand freshwater crocodile and alligator.

    Most of my skulls were from North America and Asia. A half from eBay. Hard to find collector here near by me to exchange or buy from.

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  9. lokireptiles

    lokireptiles Member

    As I am writing this our 3 year old is holding and caressing an elk leg bone he insisted we bring upstairs. He is showing huge interest in different skulls and bones.
    Our collection is constantly evolving we are focusing on animals we like. We have a bunch of rodents, moles, crocodilian species, cats, smaller primates. Also equines and farm animals. Our collection is probably around 150 or so.
  10. nuclearjunky

    nuclearjunky Member

    At the moment I have 44 skulls. Exclusively mammalian predators, because they have so interesting and variable skulls. Number of species is 34. Most species are smaller predators like Mustelids living in Europe. Of some species such as badger and fox, I have several specimen. My newest addition is a large male European Polecat.
  11. PA

    PA Well-Known Member

    I am not exactly sure how I should define "my collection". If it includes the specimens under my care where I work, then there are many. The bird collection I am in charge of has about 15,800 full skeletons of 1800+ species. The herp collection adds over 5000 specimens of perhaps 900 species. My personal skull/skeleton collection is only perhaps 300, all mammals. I probably only prepared roughly 12,000 of these skeletons over the last almost 34 years.
  12. I have around 175 different species of vertebrate but this include preserved specimens, skulls, skeletons, teeth and a couple fossil teeth. I have few repeating species. Speaking of different species I should have around 40 mammals, 40 birds, 30 reptiles, 40 bony fish, 20 cartilaginous fish and 5 amphibians. So better balanced than I first thought. Love fish and carnivorous mammals. I did 40 skeletons in all for now and a couple are gone.
  13. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I have a bout 400 specimens, but probably only about 150-200 species. I'm a comparative anatomist, so having multiple specimens of individual species is important - not just males and females, but juvis and true repeats to represent variation. Almost all of them are mammals, and at least half (probably closer to 3/4) are either carnivorans or primates.
  14. Kendall

    Kendall Active Member

    My collection started as a Mammalogy class study skin requirement in college 30 years ago. It has grown to include 175 species in 55 Families. Most of these I have duplicates of, so I have probably have over 300 skulls as well as several complete skeletons. For most of these skulls I also have the skin as well. I also have several bird skulls/skeletons and a few reptile skulls/skeletons. No fish or amphibians (yet).
  15. xxohmycaptainxx

    xxohmycaptainxx Member

    Only started actively collecting this past year but in total I have 33 skulls, and 1 skeleton from 32 different species. I don't have a preference when it comes to mammal, reptile, etc I just buy whatever is available that's either native to the US, Africa, or Indonesia. I'm very anal in the fact that I like collecting skulls, or insects as I have a huge insect collection as well, from particular places. For both insects and skulls it ended up being Africa and Indonesia. I have a bunch more that I just ordered coming in soon and some raw skulls that I'm ordering tomorrow so my collection is still steadily growing.
  16. Vkvz

    Vkvz New Member

    My vertebrate collection is about 300-350 species, 50% of which are reptile and amphibians, 30% fish (both actinopterygians and chondrichthyans), 15% mammals and the remaining 5% are birds. I keep skulls, skeletons, wet specimens, and isolated teeth and jaws. Most are extant species but also have some fossils species, mostly chondrichthyans and some reptiles as well.
    I also have a small invertebrate collection, which mainly consist of extant cephalopod species.
    I have a particular interest for crocodilians and varanids, but nowadays I'm mainly focusing on fish species.