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Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by jk, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. jk

    jk Active Member

    Just read McKenzies new system on saving shipping costs. Basically $1 credit per whitetail form ordered to be applied to shipping after you order 10 forms. This does not sound like a whole lot of savings to me. If they still had their warehouse in Nebraska I could use Speedy or pick them up in person when I get a big order and save a lot of money. By the way, it was not that long ago we were paying fuel surcharges for high priced fuel, With gas/diesel prices down I have yet to see this passed onto the consumer????? Any thoughts on all of this, or is my rant unwarranted?
  2. I just ordered 11 forms. I didn't get anything off except the standard 12% for orders over 1000 dollars. Shipping cost me 200 dollars. All companies are quick to put up the fuel surcharge but probably won't take it off until it stays down a long time. Hopefully gas will stay down but probably not.

  3. MK77

    MK77 New Member

    I just ordered a small order, one deer and another small box of stuff inside the deer box.....$5.24 :eek: MUCH cheaper than the past. And it still came in two days. I chose the smart shipping options they offered, it came USPS instead of UPS. Like I said though it still came in two days. I was happy, just a small order though, will see with a bigger order.
  4. I received a box about the size of a shoebox. It had a small antler panel and a foam antler form. Total cost was 40.00, of which 16.00 was for shipping. I called them and was told there was a minimum charge for shipping. I'd just sent much bigger boxes, and they only cost me $11 to ship. Go figure...
  5. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    Fuel surcharges are like taxes. There is no such thing as a temporary tax (how they get them all passed before they become permanent) and once the shippers got the fuel surcharge in they will never let it go. It will add bucks to the big wigs pockets and when fuel goes back up a whole new round of "new and improved" fuel taxes will be added. Outside of driving to pick it up what choice do you really have?

  6. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    Doesn't your stuff ship speedee from the WI location then? If not I would make sure you order from the WI location. Occasionaly they don't have an item in stock but thats few and far between.
  7. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    The smaller company's don't add all the bs to there shipping cost. Try them and save some money
  8. ncdeerhunter2002

    ncdeerhunter2002 New Member

    Tim Allred Has good shipping, and good supplies. The 8500, and 8100 are as agood a form I mounted on.
  9. gunner62

    gunner62 Gunners Buckhorn Taxidermy

    11 deer forms, 2 large elk forms , 1 wild boar shoulder, 1 bear shoulder and a block of clay,6 boxes Speedee delivery $68.00, I wish all you guys had Speedee it's really a savings.
  10. Big Tine

    Big Tine have a great day

    Save 1.00 on shipping per form that's a joke:)
  11. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    Im not sure why you guys are paying do much??? My last order with McKenzie (PA) cost 142.00 by truck. That was 12-13 deer.... one lifeSize bear. .. pretty big one. .. and some lifesize fox and coyote. Plus all the little supplies. Then I had an order with ots.....20 plus forms or so and a bucket of hide paste. Fed ex and coming from Ohio. ... maybe 120 $ I think ... minus the discount and I dont think I paid over 30$ shipping on either order.
  12. I ordered 2 WT wall pedestals and a habitat from Mckenzie and it was $30 to ship and I got it in two days. And to take advantage of that discount you were talking about you have to have a total of 10 WT forms not just any 10 forms. Its not a huge savings after that but every little bit helps.
  13. Not long ago, McK sent me 4 whitetail shoulder forms and a couple of small things. Paid almost $100 for shipping. (We are located in south/central Missouri.) I also received items from another company, boxes were slightly bigger than McK's. About the same distance away. Paid $60 for shipping. I didn't know you could choose how to ship them with McK. Will do that next time and hopefully save. Still a bit peeved about paying $16 for that little box, though. Putting in the dimensions, etc., at the UPS online, it showed $13.00. And I know they get a huge discount.
  14. TomR

    TomR New Member

    When ordering from McKenzie, I always select USPS, but also leave a note to them to ship the cheapest way possible (as long as I have no time pressure). The shipping definitely works out to be more reasonable when I do that. I forgot to leave a note on my last order and ended up paying a lot more in shipping.
  15. A D S

    A D S New Member

    Not just mckenzie, so dont feel too bad. Quality taxidermy supply, bv-6 beaver form and eyes only, shipped to California was a little over $40.00.
  16. You should see my shipping bill. I ordered 7 deer manikins, noses, eyes, earliners, and a few odds and ends. 3 big boxes from OTS. My shipping alone was $440.00. OUCH. Ohio to Toronto Canada. There has got to be a better way! Andrew
  17. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Andrew you'd be better off driving to Ohio and picking up your order! International shipping is very costly to say the least. Shipping to Alaska is about the same
  18. A D S

    A D S New Member

    Holy crap Andrews. You need to make friends with someone stateside on the border and ship it to his house. That's rediculous.
  19. Andrew, do you know what went wrong? I have 292.85 on account for shipping. Thats all I show us billing you for, was it something that customs did?
  20. Hello Rudy, I was not trying to open a can of worms, and posted this after working the graveyard shift. Just complaining on the cost of shipping. I think I was a bit high on my $444.00, I was going from memory. After all said and done I do know that each manikin plus supplies to mount each deer head cost me approx.,$130.00. I charge $600.00 to mount a deer head and am at the high end for deer heads over here in southern Ontario. I am really impressed with your product, and need to figure out a way to knock shipping cost down. I would like to order more for this year but the dollar is even lower.
    24.25 Canada post
    23.48 fed ex
    $340.58 plus exchange, still a lot of money. P.S I ordered 1 L/S mountain lion form, eyes, tail/ from McKenzie and shipping was $110.00.

    Hello tazzymoto, the drive from here to Ohio would be 7HRS 10 min one way, not really worth the time. Thanks to all for replying. I have been lurking on this site for approx. 1 year and really appreciate every ones contrabution . Even this old dog has learned a trick or two. Yours in Taxidermy Andrew