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fleshing machine set up

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by [email protected], Jan 18, 2015.

  1. I have the Dakota 4 and was wondering if anyone had a picture of their set up with the guards in place I am having trouble setting up my guard and not cutting holes thanks for any inputI have tried several times but still can't seem to get it set without cutting a bunch of holes
  2. be still

    be still New Member

    Sounds like u taking to big a bite. Slow down let wheel do the work. Its just something u gonna have to develop a feel for. N to anyone looking at fleshers go with the pro very beginner friendly.

  3. Thanks I'm going slow just can't get it it does good but I always go through when trying to even it out
  4. i learned really quick (and still am) that the guards really matter when shaving a skin. it'd be pretty hard to get the feel just from a pic but one thing i found is that the tinniest amount of the blade being exposed goes a very long way. most of the time my lip on the blade is JUST barley peeking over the guards. it better to have less blade the more!!
  5. What about your tuning? I find if you lip is up too far, you will cut holes in the cape and will need to tune down. Tuning can be a challenge and had to explain in words.
  6. Passthru has given you good advice, check it out. and good luck.
  7. Go to YouTube, type in "lakelandtaxidermy" in the search, and watch their series of shaving videos.
  8. Thanks hall I've been under the weather so haven't been on here thanks for calls advice I'll try some more I'm gonna have to get me some practice capes
  9. Whitetail906

    Whitetail906 New Member

    I can send you images of my set up on my flesher if you want to PM me your email address. But if your cutting holes in your hide, your guards are most likely not set properly. Of your not holding your hide tight enough and it's getting sucked in. But either way I can email you pictures of how I set my guards.

  10. tazzymoto

    tazzymoto Well-Known Member

    Get a full sized fleshing machine and you'll be much happier. I had one of the Dakota 4s and I didn't like it . It was under powered and was very hard to set up with the original guards they gave you. I purchased the replacement guards but still the machine was inadequate.
  11. Thanks Tazz I am eventually gonna upgrade but for now it's the