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which fleshing machine ?

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by timsayers, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. timsayers

    timsayers New Member

    Just started home tanning in shop, been fleshing with mini flesher, dont belive im getting thin enough not getting the stretch I want would like to purchase a fleshing machine .any recommendations on which brand ? I do between 25 to 35 deer heads a year HELP
  2. chasing the outdoors

    chasing the outdoors New Member

    For no more than you do, you could get the Dakota 4 and do just fine. Most will suggest a bigger one. If you did more, I'd say get the Dakota Pro. I used a Dalota 4 for years on everything from Diker to an American buffalo. The buff took forever! But I did get it done!

  3. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    To put it simpely buy the best you can afford! You wont be sorry. Never skimp on that tool cause of what or how many you do!
  4. capnmike

    capnmike New Member

    I used the Dakota 4 when I first started and once I got a big machine I wished that I had started with that. I would not recommend a 4. I would save and spend the money on a good machine. A s & s or a Dakota pro.
  5. timsayers

    timsayers New Member

    Thanks, kind a leanin toward s&s
  6. Dakota Pro is what I have used for 8 seasons now. Never looked back Awesome machine