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Thanks for all the support!!

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by wolfgang, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. wolfgang

    wolfgang New Member

    I have contemplated how I could explain my reasons to all the good folks out there who have supported me and not start taxinet war 2.
    Drakeman.....First of all, even if I cut and pasted everything that I have seen in the past Month from every member expressing there concerns I am afraid it wouldn't do much to change the minds of a few.

    1) I was not run off of the forum as the result of a few miss guided posts.
    2) The forum moderators did not remove my post, I deleted my own posts and they just removed the remaining pages.
    3) My skin is plenty thick, I'm unprofessional, I can only do snap together Taxidermy, I am devaluing the Industry, etc.. etc...etc...
    4) I am not looking for sympathy as I am not the one in need of help!!

    Why then did I leave?

    The attacks started to take place out side of this forum and that I can not tolerate..my wife asked me to pull everything and leave..
    I have received emails messages and have seen for myself the lengths some will go to get even.

    Again many thanks to the members who have emailed me, sent me private messages etc. You are the ones that truly make this site a better place..
    I won't be posting anything else on the matter!!!!
  2. RedTx

    RedTx Member

    Thanks for letting us know Brian. Funny I wonder how many people he has done this too? He has done it to me and I did the same thing you did, my wife got worried and asked me to take it down so I did. Sad really. Anyways really glad you posted!

  3. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    there will always be haters on here...sorry to see you go
  4. Bryan you did better than any of us at holding your composure, I was amazed how you handled it all, you are the better man!!! I gave a hard time standing by when I feel someone is being mistreated! I have pm's from very good known taxidermist that have said the exact same thing you just mentioned! Its a shame!!! Thank you for the explanation! You will be missed my friend! The work you do is absolutely beautiful, nothing can changes that and I will miss seeing it!
    Thanks again Brian for your unselfish contributions!

    David, aka Sitting Duck
  5. TWinter

    TWinter Winter taxidermy

    Thanks Brian, appreciate your efforts and talent. :)
  6. Brian, I feel very responsible for what has happened here! I called out asking a question and you and others came to help and for that you and your family has been put through un do stress, and I am very sorry for that and I hope you tell your wonderful wife and give her my apologies! I never dreamed something like this was going to happen! I myself will not participate in or with anything this certain person is involved with again!!! I hope you accept my apology, I am truly sorry Brian!
  7. tom k

    tom k New Member

    Thanks Brian it was a great post, trying to remember everything you said. It made a lot of sense to me on the way you tackled things, you made it so a beginner wanted to try.
    Thanks Tom
  8. Genestanfield

    Genestanfield Lake of the Ozarks Outdoorsman

    Always something in here
  9. oskare

    oskare Iceland

    they hate us cuz they aint us...

    no but seriously i missed what happened, i checked the forum daily for updates

    what the fu**, i thought this was a taxidermy forum for people to share ideas and methods.. not to be nosy...
    is this the reason that all the europeans have left the forum?? im strongly considering leaving this forum due to idiots and bigots
  10. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    You are right Brian: sad that it always the same few. Quite obviously they aren't fans of mine either (and visa versa) - and I am not one bit unhappy about that.


    I am sure that the thanks from many of us to your wife for her photography and time, could never come close to being enough to offset the attacks.

    Best wishes, and Thank you. Fortunately for me, you can bet that I kept PDFs of all your work in that thread.


  11. WIpinfeather

    WIpinfeather New Member

    I watched it unfold all month. It wasn't hard to figure it out what happened. Too bad. Them southern boys don't like no yankee. Loved your work. Would like to see it in person someday.
  12. Nancy C

    Nancy C Well-Known Member

    I'm really sad to see that thread vanish. It was wonderful - extremely well done, and very informative.
    'Sorry if I contributed toward it's disappearance. :( It was never my intent to do anything like that.

    I can understand why you would pull it, though, especially if that online belligerence was crossing over into real life.
  13. drakeman

    drakeman Active Member

    Believe it or not I to hate to see you go. I as others enjoyed that tutorial.

    I think it would be helpful to many including me to copy those emails and other offline threats and post up here for us all to see. Maybe that would clear everything up and we could all be one big happy family again. Those are serious allegations to level at someone and seeing those threats first hand would be helpful. If you really want this individual gone you should forward those threats to the mods and let them handle it. I have learned many things in my life and that's to not pass judgement on others about allegations without a little proof. Sorry to see you go because you give so much but I'm gonna choose not to pass judgement and spread untruths like others.
    Well, cheers to all!
  14. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    Nancy I cannot imagine that your supportive comments could have done that: except because it was like so many of ours in support of Brian, when the whole thread sans Brian and KMA was yanked.

    I really enjoyed your comments, especially the one that ended up being Ooopps'd cause the post, which you thoughtfully were addressing, disappeared even while you were typing.

  15. smalliestalker

    smalliestalker and a river runs through it.

    He gave you a first hand account, no allegations based on here say: no reason for you to doubt him.

    What is unclear about that statement, and why continue to ask him, in public, to not keep his word and wishes on the topic?

    (That of course is just a rhetorical question.)

  16. RedTx

    RedTx Member

    I'm sure this is Steve's account but you sound so much like Matt its uncanny. The reason I say this is because of PMs, and emailsi have recieved from Matt and they all sound exactly your post. Maybe y'all are brothers, maybe Steve is letting you use his account, I don't know but it sure seems weird to me how closely you match Matts writing style.
  17. Tom Mayer

    Tom Mayer Member

    I was really sorry to see your tutorial vanish. I was thoroughly enjoying it. I was wondering what happened.
  18. Such drama and idiocy! I'm truly upset to see the tutorial so well written and informative go over childish envy and stupidity. To critique a mans method who produces such amazing work is nothing short of envy gone crazy. I don't care if someone wraps their lips around its butt and blows it up if it looks as good as yours did then who's to judge the method. I'm sure some will always have nothing better to do but it is totally a loss for taxidermy.net and I truly thank you and your wife for the time you took. Everyone has different methods and we can learn from others and share our own. Such a shame to know ppl are stupid enough to go to such extremes with threats and stupidity.

    I'm short tempered and it got my blood boiling... Your the better person.
  19. Personally i thought the bird section was best and friendlest on taxi net,what a SHAME its started the year so poorly ,good luck Brian i hope to see you back one day soon.thankyou and pass on mt thanks to your family for giving up your time on here best wishes mate your a champion bloke. ;)
  20. It's an age ole story!! A few ruin it for all others. Sorry to see it go myself. I thought it was a great thread but then again there's always A-holes in every crowd as usual.