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customers that drive you.... batty. :)

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by juli, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. juli

    juli Active Member

    Working on a mount for a fella - really nice guy that I have known for several years...
    But DANG, he absolutely is 'tweaking' the mount to pieces...I mean, I have talked to him on the phone for probably 4 hrs total (not all at once, thankfully!) AND he came to the shop for about 1 hour to 'get some ideas' for the mount....

    Could you do this? What about this? Why don't you want it positioned like that? How about putting that foot on that branch - how about turning his head? How about lifting that foot? And on, and on, and on. LOL! Can't wait til the mount is done and dry!

    I appreciate that he wants the mount to be special and top notch. I want it to be too! I just wish he'd let me do my job. LOL :)
  2. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    OMG, we all have them.

  3. juli

    juli Active Member

    ...LOL! the customer is always right, the customer is always right, the customer is always right... repeat. :)
  4. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    Horse shit, lol. Who ever came up with the saying "the customer is always right" was an idiot.
  5. gunner62

    gunner62 Gunners Buckhorn Taxidermy

    Tweaking requires more work , more work requires more money. That will slow it down.
  6. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Had a guy call me today wanting to know how far I was located from him...told him 1 hr east, but, we offer free pickup and delivery in his area. He stammered around saying he really wanted to find someone closer to clean a deer skull...I pondered without saying, How much closer is your front door????
  7. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    I've been saying this for years and no one listens: "Taxidermy would be a great profession if you didn't have to deal with customers." I envy those guys who work for taxidermists and get paid every week. No bull, no mess, no worries about someone abandoning a mount. They just do their work and go home. Me, I AM HOME and I have to deal with the nitpickers. Ask those guys who attended Ken's bear seminar here about the client's concern seemingly more on the diorama than getting the mount done.
  8. George,

    Your customer should be more concerned about his bear fading from that big window behind his mount. lol

  9. Have you met the hunter yet who knows more about how the animal looks alive? They know because they took the animal so they are the experts. You're just the idiot who "stuffs" the animal.

    How about the person that drives you nuts because they want a deer to look "exactly" like it was when they shot it. I want to tell them they're going to be missing half the deer because it's a shoulder mount and they have to try to figure out how to move the woods to the room the mount will be displayed in. "Exactly" is a bit of stretch.

    How about the "expert" who knows it all but has no clue what a full sneak pose is. They've never seen a deer do that but yet they tell you the buck they brought in was following, or chasing a doe, when they shot it. Go home and watch your deer videos you purchased. More than likely the deer will be in a full sneak position while it's following or chasing that hot doe. But hey they make us money!!!!!!
  10. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Yep, alterations are extra work therefor extra money, when customers realize that they usually slow down on requests but if not you make money for your troubles. You need to be up front and honest with them, but if they still choose to alter things, you write up the work order and keep smiling, and thank them for their business. Without them we would have to get a "real job" and I for one ain't interested.
  11. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    I always love the ones that cape the deer. Cut it all the way down the back, cut it off at the neck, etc. I have a few customers that ARE really good at caping. Tube the legs, leave a lot to work with. I offer my barn, winch, knives, everything!!
  12. akvz

    akvz New Member

    Don't forget splitting up the brisket! We had someone bring in a hog they already caped out, left enough for the most part... but they split all the way up the barely haired brisket so it was IMPOSSIBLE to hide the stitching. Looked like a zombie hog with the autopsy Y incision.
  13. juli

    juli Active Member

    I was an employee... and while it had it's rewards - such as doing only taxidermy (and no paperwork or customers to deal with), I also felt it was a dead end job for me. I got to a point where there was no opportunity to learn more, try different things, or use different expressions for different animals.. or really even move up/get a raise.....

    Even with this fella trying to micro manage the mount I just completed - I still would not trade having my own business for anything. I feel like I can 'sign' my own artwork now. Rather than someone else signing it.
  14. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    or the guy who told you how he wanted the deer to look. even signed the contract on how he wants it. comes to pick it up. guess what. that's not what he ment. I have it all wrong. I would not sign it to look like that. it suppose to look the other way. that's not what the contract says. its all there in black and white. ill probably never see him again. oh boo hoo. :'(
  15. jhunter13

    jhunter13 Member

    The best is the one that annoys you with "is it ready" a hundred times before the agreed upon date then becomes a ghost when you call them to pick up and pay.
  16. dwimberly

    dwimberly Member

    One of my favorites is, "I was calling to see if my 8 point was ready?".....Well who's name is it in sir? Do you have an order number or something I can reference your animal to? "Well its that 8 point, it had decent mass, about a 15 inch spread on it.

    No sir your deer is not ready, I will be sure to call you when it is, Have a nice day.

    Cant get a name or anything from these guys, it drivers me crazy.....JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!!!!!!!
  17. kjdouble

    kjdouble Member

    The one that drives me batty is the discount hunter... You know the one that always asks if I bring in my deer and my son's what discount do I get.

  18. juli

    juli Active Member

    How about the guy who goes to your shop looking for his animal... you look in the status book and say 'ummm, don't have you in here' are you sure you didn't take it to another taxidermist?

    Or - once my former employer sent a moose mount to the lower 48... when it arrived the hunter called, FUMING MAD...

    the hair on the moose's nose got rubbed off in shippment! You didn't protect it from hitting the crate! How are you going to fix this! You ruined my moose mount!

    Sir, is the spot that is missing hair triangle shaped and black? About an inch or so in diameter?


    Sir, all moose have that - that is the nose pad.

    But there is no hair

    Sir, there is not supposed to be hair. It is the nose pad. They all have one.


  19. My two brother-in-laws (my husband's brothers) give me the most grief. One is always looking for a discount. He has a price list but never fails to ask how much it's going to be, hoping I'll quote him a better price. If I don't, he asks where his discount is. The other one is always asking my husband if I'm working on his deer yet. What drives me crazy the most is when he tells me to make sure it has a big neck. I finally got fed up with that one and told him when he finally brings me a deer with a big neck, he'll get one back. He had no come-back for that one.
  20. LOL ;D "It's all about the base, bout the base, bout the base..." Right George? ;)