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Looking for a pheasant instructor in New York

Discussion in 'Training' started by beagle77, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. beagle77

    beagle77 Rabbit Hunting

    Hello everyone, I have mounted pheasants before, but nothing to brag about. Since I have a basic knowledge it will be easier for me to grasp the right concepts. If there is an instructor in NY, I would be very interested in learning. I live in Yonkers, NY, about 30 min from NYC. Please let me know. Thank you.
  2. I'm also looking for training in the same area of NY.. If you find some please let me know.. I havn't been able find anyone close to home.

  3. beagle77

    beagle77 Rabbit Hunting

    Yeah, no problem.
  4. Guys, Give Fred Barilla a call he is located on LI not far from you.
    He is one of the best pheasant taxidermists out there and an outstanding instructor.

    his # is 516-333-9020

    you won't be disappointed.
  5. beagle77

    beagle77 Rabbit Hunting

    Are you kidding me? I became friends with him at the New England Taxidermy Convention. I asked if he could teach me with Whitetail mounting, but didn't know he did pheasants. I guess his phone will ring tonight. Thank you!
  6. beagle77

    beagle77 Rabbit Hunting

    Hey Steve, I just realized it was you. This is Filippo, I mounted the cottontail rabbit. Boy, small world! Thanks a million!!!!!!!! You guys are great!
  7. Hey Filippo, I thought that might have been you. I should have known with the beagles.

    Yeah Fred does one heck of a pheasant.
    I hope to see a pheasant at the show next year.
    If you ever need advice don't be affair to call myself or Fred.
    good luck
  8. beagle77

    beagle77 Rabbit Hunting

    Great, no problem. Thanks again!