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Wolf and Wolverine skulls for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by sunparakeet, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Please see my album below for photos of one wolverine and 3 wolf skulls that I have for sale. Shipping is included in the price! Please make sure these skulls are legal to posses/buy in your state.

    These skulls were cleaned by me using maceration. They were degreased in Dawn, peroxide whitened, and sealed with Paraloid. I take great care to make sure that my skulls are as close to perfect as they can be! Any imperfections on each skull are noted in the album.

    Thanks for looking!

    Album --> http://imgur.com/a/mBxdX#0
  2. lokireptiles

    lokireptiles Member


    I don't see any prices. did I miss them?

  3. akvz

    akvz New Member

    They're written on the captions of the images:

    Wolverine: $165 (Naturally missing incisor and bone spur on lower jaw)
    Wolf A: $150 (2 small teeth missing on lower jaw, cracked canines)
    Wolf B: $165 (Bone growth on back of skull, very cool looking, healed wound on snout. Small stain above incisor)
    Wolf C: $165 (Pathology on nasal bones, likely from being kicked on the snout, common among wolves and large carnivores, small stain above incisor)
  4. Sorry, thanks akvz! and thanks for the info about the pathology. I had no idea what could have caused those wounds. My favorite part about cleaning skulls is finding one with a cool bone deformity :)