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Rehydrating to pickling

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by rivertrapper316, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. rivertrapper316

    rivertrapper316 New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Got a Quick question, I have rehydrated about 30 hides in a bath of bactericide , salt, and water
    This was a 50 gal bath .
    My question is can one reuse that same water to make the pickel
    With by adding the other portion of salt and acid and bring the Ph down and be ok?
    I have never done this before because I have not
    Had a big volume of hydration water before.
  2. I would not advise that. Chances are the rehydration bath is really dirty water. It would be better to start with clean water and fresh pickle. 50 gallons of water is not enough water for 30 capes anyways.

  3. rivertrapper316

    rivertrapper316 New Member

    Ok thanks I will just go with clean pickel .
    How big of. Bath do you thank I need?
    These are not deer hides there a mix of coon, beaver, coyote and a few possums.
    Just tanning to sale not going to mount any of them.
  4. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    I never worry about gallons of water I use. I fill my tub with water Appox. 25 gal to 6 deer hides. All I use is water. No salt cause that will slow the process down also no need for a bactericide either. If the cape is bad, it's bad and a bactericide will not help at all. If I have any iffy capes they are done one at a time so I don't contaminate any other hides, I'm just picky about that.
  5. rivertrapper316

    rivertrapper316 New Member

    Thanks Frank!
  6. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    Yes Frank...thanks. is water hard to come by? Why would you want to reuse it?