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Need some odd coyote eyes..

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by FrontierFurs, Feb 9, 2015.

  1. FrontierFurs

    FrontierFurs Member

    I have a customer who wants a coyote head mounted with two different colored eyes, one brown and one normal yellow. I am absolutely stumped on where to find a pair like this. I don't want to order a customized pair from Tohickon since their customer service and shipping time was terrible last time I tried to work with them on something like this. Any ideas or suggestions? Or does somebody perhaps just have a couple of mismatched eyes they could sell me? Thanks in advance!
  2. gobbl4me

    gobbl4me New Member

    order a pair of each, then make the customer pay for the extra pair of eyes

  3. skallet roseri

    skallet roseri needless to say!

    Just find Brown round pupil eyes and buy regular coyote eyes. I always charge an additional 25 dollars for bi eyes. no need to custom order them.
  4. Jollin

    Jollin New Member

    Gobbl is right. Buy two premade tohickons off site and charge the customer two. Theres no need for a custom pair they sell both colours already on site premade so no wait, you can always sell the remaining mismatch set