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Tumbler questions

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Andrew M, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. I've read lots in the archives btw. I have some of my own questions though. I would like to build a 6' by 4' or 6' by '6 not sure. I would to tumble everything from squirrels to whitetail and maybe bigger. Would I be able to break a coon, fox, or squirrels in that big of a tumbler? what size motor would I need?? can i build almost all it out of wood? (I don't know how to weld) roughly what is the expense? I'm sure it varies but a ballpark number would be great. for those of you that have built some have you found it to be a good investment/build? i would need plans more then likely. Does anybody have some they would share? Or where is a good place to get some?? does anyone have a parts list so I have and idea of what I need? Last question, how do the big tanneries get such a nice finish to their hides? is it tumbling them? btw i know these are a lot of questions so i appreciate any input you might be willing to give!
  2. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    Hi Andrew!

    I sell plans to build your own Sawdsut Tumber 4'W X 6'H. However, some Welding is involved. A 4' X 6' Tumbler is the smallest size I'd recommend for softening and tumbling furs or hair skins. Larger, is even better. Some guys like the Wider size to prevent skins like cowhides or Bison from folding in, and becoming a ball, instead of flopping around and getting soft.
    Usually I like to tell someone to build a 6' X 6' Drum if you expect to use it a lot on these larger skins.

    By the way - Tanneries soften and finish their skins by Drumming. Remember your Drum should be at least a 6' Drop high, the weight of the Load, and the amount of Sawdust you put into it. It all helps to drop and usually its a 2 hour Final Drumming.

    Send me a PM if you'd like more info about our plans.

    Bruce Rittel

  3. I bought a set of plans from him and they are great. I have not built mine yet but the plans are excellent well worth the money. Thank you