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Ruddy Duck Pair Critique

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Pirate, Jul 1, 2007.

  1. Here is a pair of Ruddy ducks that I recently finished. When you look at the mount I know that these two birds would not be that close in a natural habitat. A flying bird would not be taking off that close to the hen sitting. The customer wanted the pair mounted together.
  2. mark11

    mark11 now accepting new wholesale clients

    I don't know about the birds being too close I have seen birds hit each other when jumped during hunting season. With only the one picture it is hard to give a good critique but over all the birds look rough and lumpy, and the drake looks long in the tail end, the hen looks skinny and the side pocket is low, these birds have very tiny wings and when pocketed they are almost completely covered by the side pockets and scapulars and the rear of the side pocket will come up onto the back, these birds also carry the nickname "Butterballs" because of there plump chunky appearance. The drake appears to be springing from the water which is an impossible move for these birds, all divers run across the water to take off and Ruddies especially because of the small size of the wings, it would look better if this bird was attached with one foot in the water with a splash coming off of the foot. it would have also been more believable to have the hen resting on a chunk of ice instead of a piece of driftwood, it is rare to see these birds away from deep water. More pictures from different angles would help. Mark

  3. one way to get the birds to comeout more smoothly is to get them on the form and dry them longer than you think is nessasary. Your birds will be more full and will pop out at people. mark covered everything else!!
  4. I did do the feet as you said Mark. The right foot is forward and the left is back in running to take off. There is a part of a splash coming off of the left foot but it is hard to see. I only got pictures from the front and the customer has already picked it up so I can't get anything else. The splash looks so fake in this picture. It really does look better in person. I agree with you on the deep water part but I wasn't sure how to do that cheaply. I thought about putting the female floating in the water but that would have required a deep base with an underwater habitat. The customer wasn't looking to spend that much. This was my first splash and I did the splash for experience, so my customer got a deal on the cost of that. So the log was the easiest way that I knew of to be somewhat realistic. If this was my piece then I would have did it that way. Thanks for the advise.
  5. Cool;D
  6. jonyboy

    jonyboy Thats where the neighbors dog went.

    I liked the water affects it looks cool.
  7. mark11

    mark11 now accepting new wholesale clients

    A simple way to make a floating ice effect is to keep your resin in the cup longer stirring it until the resin starts to kick and it will chunk up when it gets to the consistency of jello or a little thicker, while it is still sticky you can pour it out and shape it a little and then when it is set up you can go back over it with a fresh pour to smooth it out some and blend it together, try not to get this pour to blend in with the rest of your water completely as you want it to look like it is floating in the water. You can also use this method to make the boil effect around the bottoms of any splashes you make and for the boil effect found at the point where a waterfall meets the water surface at the bottom, Water effects and splashes are allot of fun so keep practicing. Mark
  8. what do you use for the majority of the surface when doing a water pose? Fiberglass? Or just resin?
    Thanks Waterfowl Wisdom Taxidermy
  9. I put in a piece of plexiglass to take up a little of the space. I then poured the resin on top of that. I stirred the resin to different points of the hardening process to get the different textures.
  10. that is what i meant plexiglass sorry
  11. kevin scott

    kevin scott New Member

    i like them but i would like to see some close ups.
  12. I didn't take any real close ups and the customer already picked them up. So unfortunately this is all I have. I have several angles but all at the about the same distance.
  13. Gscaup

    Gscaup New Member

    One thing to remember is Ruddy's like all other divers " run " across the water to take off, not spring into the air like puddle ducks. this could be a problem in recreating a ruddy taking flight.