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Thebuckwolf -- no item or refund recieved

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by akvz, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. akvz

    akvz New Member

    I really hate to make posts like this, but I purchased a raw button buck skull from Thebuckwolf on February 20th, 2015. It's now March 31st and I have no skull or refund to show for it. Lauren is nice and doesn't seem to be a bad person in the least, but for 3 weeks there was a statement of "it will be shipped this Monday" and then an "I'll ship it next Monday" by Thursday or Friday of the week, with no contact before then. After I asked for a refund, Lauren agreed, but a refund never came-- forgot my paypal address because paypal wiped her account history (not sure I buy it.), I gave it to her, no response... finally got an "it will be in your account by today," and still no money or skull. I haven't seen or heard from her since I requested the refund again and I've since opened a paypal claim to get my money back. No reply to that yet either...

    Overall: very poor/sporadic communication, promises on delivery dates or refunding dates not met... not worth the trouble for $30, that's for sure.