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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by gamechanger, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. gamechanger

    gamechanger New Member

    Happy Easter everyone!
    BUYER OF TURKEY PARTS FROM ACROSS THE US. Why not make some money on all that stuff that usually gets thrown away! You breast it out, keep what you want and we'll take the rest!

    We need lots of turkey parts because we mount lots of turkeys and provide our customers with feathers for arrow making and fly tying. We sell worldwide so we have a huge demand on product. We provide bags for product and will sometimes arrange for the shipping.

    We pay good prices for your effort and in some cases, cover the shipping or may even come get the product ourselves if the volume is enough to justify the trip.

    What we pay is below plus you can go to our website and check that out for further details. We provide freeze dried heads, bronzed heads and will do taxidermy work in exchange for product..within reason. Check us out or feel free to call.
    www.thewildgamechanger.com Have to call a different a different number than what is on the site right now as I am out of town for a few days. (573)544-8514.

    We buy fresh, frozen gobbler wings $6.50 pair (good quality) but we still buy damaged and wet and bloody wings too. Email for details

    ***WE TRADE WINGS FOR CLEANED WING BONES returned to you - We do prof. bone cleaning with beetles.
    Those call makers who buy our wing bones know what kind of quality they will get. We sell on ebay under Sadielady41

    Heads $4 (No jelly heads please)
    Feet Avg. $4-7(longer the spur, the more you get!)--Jake, Hen & Gobbler
    Tails Avg. $6 Eastern, $7-9 Rio, $10-12 Merriam's (Good quality) and we still buy damaged, wet & bloody. Email for details
    Body feathers - Loose or feather capes - prices vary. Average, $50/lb good bad & ugly - no mixed. (breast sep from wing, etc)
    Loose tail feathers - Prices vary, avg. $60/lb. more or less, depending on quality