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What is it with people (customers) ?

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by bear_country01, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. bear_country01

    bear_country01 Active Member

    Why is it that some people that bring in trophies to have mounted
    Always think when they pick up their mount it was bigger ? And then try to give you a bad name
    I'm gonna start measuring their trophies in front of them from now on.
    Always the crazy ones out there
  2. WildlifeLady

    WildlifeLady Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    I think the adrenaline rush when they shoot it swells their head, then the bragging rights make the deer a little bigger. It's amazing how it looks so much smaller without the rest of the body! I used to take pictures of every deer that came in, all the imperfections, holes, etc. Figured out it was a waste of time. Probably the best thing to do is keep a camera handy and take a picture of them with their deer when they drop it off or have them send you their pic when they first got it!

  3. Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Every deer that comes in the door weighs 300 + LBS, even the 1 1/2 spikes, and had a huge neck. Or at least that's what they all tell me.

    **** here we go again !
  4. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    I get that when a customer wants a deer hide tanned. They all think it should cover their entire couch or a king sized bed when done. Always was a big deer even though it was a 90lb doe.
  5. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    One thing we do that may help is we've got a wall in the showroom we call the money wall. Its easily accessed and its where we hang customer mounts when they come for pick up. We are appointment only, so we kow when thier coming. We have it so that we can put their mount eye level. The wall is about 6x8. We have learned to put a couple other mounts on the wall with it....and they are always smaller:). That way the customers deer is the biggest on that wall. It does help some...but as said here...a lot of guys think theirs is bigger than what it really is.....
  6. Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Because the hunting and fishing industry has pushed BIG BIG BIG, you have to get that trophy and a trophy means BIG.

    I hear it all the time. The guides aren't worth anything if they can't put you on the BIG one so I hired the best one money can buy. How big was yours? Well so and so's was bigger or mine was a monster just Look at the picture, its a monster in the photo. Yes BUT you are sitting 10 FEET BEHIND IT In the photo. Im sick to death of seeing photos like that.

    I sometimes think that guides are issued measuring tapes that don't equal up to the measuring standards of a real inch. I have lost track of how many customers have been told, it's a 400" Bull or 200" deer, but in reality it's only 340" or maybe 350"bull and a 160" deer. Fish that come in 2,3 or even 4 inches smaller then they say.

    Most customers don't know the difference but they have been running around telling the story of how BIG it is for close to a year, waiting to get it back from the taxidermist. When it's done and they come to pick it up, reality sets in that it doesn't measure up to their stories, so we(taxidermist) are the ones to blame. We must have switched it.

    I Measure everything in front of the customer and write it on the ticket, then make them sign it.
  7. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Ouch.. ;)
  8. Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Oh yes this happens way too often here too! Case in point, customer brings in a nice mature160 class buck, tells me the deer weighed 310lbs.! Folks this is Southeast Louisiana! He even showed me the picture of the deer, no where near the 300lb mark, but I held my mouth for good taste. The cape after shaving and tanning measured just short of twenty inches! The customer chose a upright offset pose, and mounted up real nice, the very first thing that comes out of the guys mouth was "that's not my deer", UNBELIEVABLE, so I give him the story of basically what I just wrote here, the truth sets its free!
  9. Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    LOL even if the damn thing did weighed 300+ . Well when it thaws you take a look at it before skinning, and not surprising at all, most of the brisket is missing.

    Dont you just love it when they say, the whole deer is in the bag. It is, but the brisket is split into and each half is attached to one leg. hanging away from where it should be.
  10. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    It's true
  11. double barrel

    double barrel New Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Customer goes to Iowa, shoots an average size buck. It's about like what he would get down here in GA. He capes it out. Time to go home, got one tag left between them so they stop by public land to make a quick man drive. They get a bigger buck, but since they are headed home they saw off the rack. I don't know if they kept the meat or gave it away. Picture shows a huge neck with long thick hair. They bring me the bigger rack with the average cape from the first deer. The cape never went in the freezer. It was 11 degrees when they left and cape was in cooler. I was afraid I might loose the hair, so I started right away on the cape, Salt, splitting lips, salting while fleshing, stop rot, washed in kemal 4, salted good, hung to dry. I spent alot of time trying to dry the hair roots with compressed air. I saved the cape, it turned out nice. When he came to get it, I got this same ole "he was bigger" $hit. He even showed me a pic of the big necked buck, lying on the ground. I said "Dude, that ain't the cape you brought me." You should have caped out the 2nd deer too! I measure the cape and order the form, I don't "shrink em down." He liked my work, turn around time, price, says he's comming back next year. I don't care if he does or not, I'm tired of working with dummazzes like this. If he does come, we gonna have a talk first and I'm gettin out the tape measure too.
  12. Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Problem with that is, 90% comes in frozen . There is no way in hell to look over the cape (cuts, drag marks, Missing brisket, Rotten, ) must less put a tape on it while they are standing there. Left on the floor to thaw, to look it over, your lucky if you can touch it in 12/15 hours. If that sucker has all the neck in it welllllll add on several more hours. If you was to call the customer back with bad news you get a counter allegation response. Take pictures of the damage you say give me a friken break. Half of them cant recognize their antlers when they come to get it the other half swears their antlers was bigger.
    I guess I should stop using that McKenzie Antler Instant Shrinking spray on them.

    Speaking of dip chits I had a guy tell me he was going to do his next deer. HE KNOWS all we do is nail a board on the the neck put marbles in for eyes and hank it up to dry out. He was serious !
    My response was, Youi got me, proceed with that !
  13. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Re: what is it with people ( costumer's)

    Again, I feel this comes down to the single most essential element in which taxidermists must spend more time with; Educating our clients to the dynamics of our work. More often than not, this may apply more so to the younger professionals than those of a much more in depth experience in dealing with the public. In the recent SCI seminar we gave, several hunters inquired as to what they could do to insure that a trophy comes back within as reasonable size parameter as expected. Being prepared for these exact type of questions, I remembered seeing a deer head diagram in the Good Stuff Taxidermy Studio (George Roof) over the Christmas holidays. It was perfectly drawn with the precise purpose in mind, that is, to tangibly show a client what the actual animal measured prior to being prepared for processing. Not to mention being a terrific way to knowing the size increments of each trophy that you need to mount. Should the animal arrive frozen in the meat, upon thawing and before caping, a copy of the measurements could either be sent to the client or just held with the receipt until whenever. Even most supply catalogs have a basic measuring theme that can be used on the spot if need be.
    In fact, WASCO offers the industry an excellent chart (#WL7) for doing the same thing, establishing the anatomical road map that shows the customer you care enough about their trophy to provide a system of restoring the animal back to the proportions that Nature herself designed for it and at the same time takes a lot of the guess work out of doing what we do best - taxidermy.