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Need large buck skull only-not antlers

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by gamechanger, May 11, 2015.

  1. gamechanger

    gamechanger Member


    I am a taxidermist in Missouri. I am in need of two large buck skulls for some repair work. They do not need to have the antlers-cut offs are fine. Raw is fine. I am going to need to remove the existing antlers from what is left of the skull plate and pin them on another skull. Too much damage done to the original skull on two different deer. One of the new guys who works for me thought that 1/2 cup of commercial degreaser per 100 gallons of water meant 1/2 gallon in 100 gallons of water! The skulls fell apart! Thank you Jesus the antlers didn't disintegrate too! He's too good of a worker to fire for it. Although, on that day he probably wish he was never born. lol

    Needs to be a 3-4 year olds if possible but hey, I am not going to be picky!

    Game Changer Taxidermy