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Preserving a wet specimen?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Saylor, May 17, 2015.

  1. Saylor

    Saylor New Member

    Hey guys! Okay so I've been wanting to preserve dead animals for a long long time now and I'm not too sure how to do it. I'd rather start out with doing wet specimens since it seems a bit easier to do.
    From personal experience, do you recommend using formalin, or isopropyl alcohol to preserve a wet specimen?(I'm probably gonna start out with small things like dead mice/rats) I've heard that formalin is just for temporary preserving, is that true? If so, what does that mean, do I have to take it out an change the formalin in the jar after awhile or what? And how about for alcohol, what kind of I use (how high of a %) and will it effect the specimen in any negative way?
    Also heard when you do wet preserve, you have to inject a bit into the specimen or cut a slt into it, is that true?
    Sorry there are so many questions but thank you in advance!
    :D -Saylor
  2. Kaiada

    Kaiada New Member

    (Why formalin is by far the best, careful though it is very toxic)

    (Using ethyl alcohol, probably next best)

    (Using isopropyl alcohol, you can do this with denatured as well however specimens will lose/change color, shrivel and depending on the specimen it may still decompose over time. Better for small things.)

    Yes, you will need to inject the preservative with any of these methods.
    There is lots more info both on this site and around the internet. Read more and find what suits you best.