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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by MarineCorps0311, May 20, 2015.

  1. MarineCorps0311

    MarineCorps0311 New Member

    Hello All,
    I hope everyone is making a killing and working hard. I wanted to ask around to see how much per inch people are charging? Advice on a fair but good price per inch suggestions would be much appreciated also.
  2. Frank E. Kotula

    Frank E. Kotula master, judge, instructor

    It depends on what your area will accept. I've seen a range from $8.00 - 25.00 an inch within 25 mile radius. So if your fish is some where in the middle then charge that but get what your worth not what a client tells you should charge lol

  3. warthog

    warthog Member of VVA and VFW

    Are you asking this to find out whether or not that you are in the ball park on what you think you should be charging. Or are you looking for prices because you have a fish you need mounted????
  4. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    I charge $16 per inch for skin mounts, $18 for skin body and artificial head, and $24 for reproductions. I list $25 for any projects where I will have to mold and cast but am probably not where I should be. It all depends on where you live and the demand. Anymore my time is costing more and more so my prices are going up incrementally every season.
  5. naturalcreati40

    naturalcreati40 Active Member

    yeah I don't charge enough at $15 per in. but I'm scared to raise them too much. I think a little each year
  6. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    It is a touchy area but I'm a hard time staying caught up in the shop with my other job so I raised them a bit to make it a little more worth my time. A few dollars more per inch doesn't really raise the price too much for the customer. A customer and friend told me my prices were way low and I should raise them a bit so I did. He also has seen the amount of work and time it takes to do a mount though too. Most think you just slap the skin on a form and let it dry.