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Boondocks Taxidermy" "Thank you"

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by brettdef, May 22, 2015.

  1. brettdef

    brettdef Member

    We want to thank everyone that has called and made orders. Also for all of you that have been understanding. Brett and I both cant say enough about how this industry has prooven over and over that most Taxidermist are some of the best people in the world. Brett and I have never been this busy and it is a great thing. We are sorry about not having stock heads for every order and we are working very hard to get back to the number of heads we normally have. A lot of things have happened here over the past year and when we are caught up Brett will make a statement about the current situations. We just need you to know that for now we have a waiting list for stock heads and if you want on that list please call and leave your name number and what heads you need and we will give you a timeframe on stock heads at that time.

    Any heads you guys want dried for your customers will still be handled the same way and we will be here to get any shipments you send. If we are not here there will be someone here to get heads so don't hesitate to send them. Please make sure to send on Monday and remember in the heat of summer its like sending an icecube in an envelope.. Make sure they are insulated and cant leak.

    Body orders are also being handled the same as always, we have plenty and the orders can be filled that day or the next.

    The main issue is the stock heads and with the waiting list we have going its going to take a few weeks to work out.

    We have had to depend on the answering machine and caller ID to get back with everyone and as soon as we can get things caught up we will get back to answering every call again.

    Some of the changes have caused Brett and I to be the only ones here and with the current workload we have its hard to get the phone as most of you will understand.

    We will address all these issues at the right time and for now we want you to know that the changes made were to give our customers the quality that you deserve.

    We will get through this and we will be a stronger business because of it.

    Thanks for your understanding and take my word for this, Brett is doing every head and pouring every body and said that this is what you guys deserve and its the reason you became a customer to begin with along with the customer service.

    If you need anything please leave a message or email us or a pm on here will be fine as well.

    If you want to make a comment that is great and anything we can do to better serve you is always welcome.

    We are not going to answer questions on this thread but will be happy to on the phone email or pm.

    Thanks again

    Terri DeFreitas

    Boondocks Taxidermy

    270 658 3268
    [email protected]