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deer cape baggy on the face

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by efpdmahurin, May 26, 2015.

  1. efpdmahurin

    efpdmahurin New Member

    I am mounting a deer and everything fits like it should but the face seems to be baggy. No matter what I do I can't move it enough to get it lined out. And since this is a issue it's making my eyes extremely hard to get like I like them. Any input will be greatly appreciated. I'm new I did go to a school but didn't cover or come across this issue. Thank you in advance.
  2. It will shrink up to the form as it dries. Just baby sit it and try the best you can to keep reference points lined up. Maybe try a change out head next time.

  3. KFLAH

    KFLAH Active Member

    Could add some dewlaps and/or give it a nice roman nose.

  4. Paul B

    Paul B Active Member

    By the next day the skin will tighten up and fit better. Better to be loose then a tight fit, that's where some have problems on the tear ducts, lips and eye skin pulling as it dries. Also taxi up the skin on the sides of the head to eye area, that will take away the loose skin in jaw area and help keeping eye area from pulling.
  5. JEJ

    JEJ Active Member

    As Paul B stated, also when you pull it up can sometimes get rid of that loose skin by "rotating" the clockwise around the eye. giving you more slack for tear duct area, upper eye, and antler burr area, all areas slack skin is "good" to have.
  6. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    And if it is extremely saggy you could add a little water based clay to fill out the face more.
  7. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    I meant to say wet potters clay
  8. big dan

    big dan Member

    Next time try and "read" the skin when you are test fitting it so you can accentuate areas on the face that are baggy to give it a more mature buck look. Are you using a Mckenzie form? They are skinny in the face compared to some of the other forms
  9. I think that's what KFLAH was trying to say !! The potters clay thing!
  10. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    you may need to make the head larger. Sometime you do have to do alterations. If its one of those whimpy faced McKenzie forms and a northern deer just replace the whole dang head or form.
  11. I dont think since 1977 I have ever had t make the head larger on a deer. That extra skin will adjust out.