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Two Headed Kitten

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by cvinger, May 28, 2015.

  1. cvinger

    cvinger Member

    I am taking offers on this two headed kitten. Born last Friday it is currently frozen whole.

    Buyer pays shipping. (you pay for how fast you want it) I am not set up with paypal, so payment will have to be cashier check or money order.
  2. tim dobbs

    tim dobbs Member

    pm sent. call me 432 352-1968

  3. Hi just read your post, is this still available, and very interested please feel free to call or text, 660 563.0364
  4. Zombiegirl

    Zombiegirl Member

    Since this is a domestic kitten, is it legally allowed to be sold? I was under the impression dog and cat fur can't be sold in the states...?
  5. AllieC

    AllieC Member

    It can't, it can only be gifted. It's only legal if it dosent have fur, such as a fetus
  6. Legally this is a gray area, but errs on the site if legality. The law was made to prevent Chinese importation of dog and cat fur products into the US. This is OK to buy and sell.
    I love the little guy, wish I could grab him up. I don't do the hidden offers thing, though. Too easy to play favorites.
  7. cvinger

    cvinger Member

    I want to thank all than have shown interest. The kitten is sold -PP

    I don't consider PM offers as playing favorites. I consider it like a sealed bid auction, but I also take the time to let all the bidders know if they have been outbid, and give them another chance.

    The only favorite I have is the one offering the most ;)
  8. circussideshows

    circussideshows Member

    your right about sealed bid thing. to much flim flam
  9. cvinger

    cvinger Member

    What I find annoying is when you ask in your initial post "make me an offer", and your get 15 PM's saying "what are you asking?".
    Guys, if I knew what the thing was worth I would have asked for it.
    I buy and sell "typical" taxidermy all the time. This is unique. When something is unique/one of a kind you can't research what its worth. Its only worth what someone will pay for it.
    I have often been told-"Don't trust those who won't trust you."
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