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ITA 2015 competition convention

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by giveem3 steve, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. giveem3 steve

    giveem3 steve Member

    First I would like to say many thank yous go out to all the volunteers that make the show happen. It was a great show with very tough world class judges. Congratulations to all those that won awards and everyone that attended. It was a very good show and a lot of fun. I hope we can have an even better turn out next year. Thank you to all the taxidermists that made the trip from other states including Utah, California, Washington, and Oregon. I encourage anyone and everyone to come to our show next year. Many great people and taxidermists that make it's a fun and family oriented show with great hospitality.

    Thanks again everyone,
  2. Terry Bennett

    Terry Bennett Active Member

    Steve, I have to agree it was a great show. To all who attended and competed whether you won best of show, or entered your first novice entry, or just came to take it all in. Your all winners in my book.

    Congrats to the new President Jesse Jones, and thank you Steve for stepping up to offer to help the new board.
    Also many thanks to Kevin, Pete,Karen, Carol,Casey,Leon, Dale, Jeff, Greg, all the vendors and everyone else who helped out.

    See you all at next years show in Boise.

  3. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    pictures and awards please
  4. Waterfowl Inc

    Waterfowl Inc New Member

    Tony I have been trying to get some pics posted but I am not having any luck , do you know how to send a pic from a texted for some reason I can't get it done from the computer
  5. giveem3 steve

    giveem3 steve Member

    If you want to email them to me I can get them uploaded.
  6. Jesse79

    Jesse79 Pritchard Creek Taxidermy

    Re: ITA 2015 competition convention ADDED PICTURES

    Here are the photos we have of the show. I know we are missing a few and I will try to get them and post them soon. Great job everyone! We have a lot of talent in our association!

  7. giveem3 steve

    giveem3 steve Member

    Thanks Jesse. Do you have the list of who won what awards.