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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Bryan Russell, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    Allowed a chargeback and did not require the purchaser to return the items?
    What? So now I'm out the $$(over $500) and merchandise!
    Anyone ever had this issue?
  2. Never had it happened but have heard Paypal protects the buyer much more than the seller.

  3. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass Member

    I recently set up a paypal account myself because it is a fairly easy way to do business when an item has to be shipped. But more experienced users have told me to beware of charge backs. They say a transaction can take up to three days to clear, and after it does it is a good idea to transfer the money out of your account before shipping. This my not be practical on small items ,but on a $500.00 mount it sounds like a good idea. I hope everything works out for you.
  4. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    Chargeback happened 2 months later. Paypal just went ahead and did it?
    No requirement for merchandise to be returned at all.
    I'm checking on my recourse as this seems like a theft of sorts.
    Ill order a bunch of stuff, charge it back and keep the stuff?!?!
    On google this appears to happen a lot. Some people do it on purpose just to get free stuff.
  5. JL

    JL Taxidermist for 64 years

    File a complaint with the credit card company if that's how the sale went. If out of your checking account file with your bank. Who knows what happened to your merchandise in two months?
  6. Did they take money out of your Paypal account balance or did they get it from an account, checking or credit card that is hooked to your Paypal?
  7. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Oh crap!
  8. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Same with the credit card companies. I was told it was part of doing business. One reason I no longer accept Credit Cards.
  9. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Man that sucks Bryan!
  10. We had a similar experience on a $300 mule deer cape that shipped to California frozen in a cooler . The cape arrived 41 hours point to point. The buyer , a "coach Shelby " convinced PayPal that the cape was rotten and the hair had fallen off, pictures to support the claim forwarded to us by EBay were actually a whitetail cape in a box. We lost the $ and the cape. Some of these guys are just playing the game.
  11. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    So after some checking, this is apparently a legal matter.
    It was explained like this:
    If you write a check for goods then stop payment on the check and keep merchandise that amounts to theft.
    same for this. Chargeback and don't return goods = theft.
    Looks like the person will have to come to Florida also to answer to this. Gonna be expensive for them to come all the way from the midwest!
    Since they will read this, you took your money back, now just send back the merchandise on your nickel, no harm, no foul.
  12. jim tucker

    jim tucker Active Member

    No they won't and you won't be able to do a damn thing. :p Just like rent skippers...you may win a judgement but you won't get any money.
  13. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

    Don't want any money, just my merchandise, plain and simple.
    theft of merchandise is like rent skippers?
  14. Bryan Russell

    Bryan Russell Active Member

  15. torka

    torka Member

    Same crap can happen with a credit card order. Sent a $1500.00 item to Florida; week and a half later Visa refunds them their money. Claimed they never received the order. Said the person who signed for the shipment, from UPS at their loading dock, was not an employee of theirs. Even though their website listed a person by that name as head of shipping and receiving. Long story short credit card company said it was our word against theirs. End results... out $1500.00 Then they had balls enough to try to place another order about a year later. Told them to take a flying f--k.