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Close but no cigar!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by ra8point, Jul 10, 2015.

  1. ra8point

    ra8point Member

    I finally got around to mounting one of my own "trophies" this past weekend. Now, I'm no way near any level of expertise but I have mounted almost as many deer as the number of years I've been around this earth. The point I'm getting to is that there's been some recent conversations about measurements and antler burrs etc... Well, I use this form created by someone named 'George" You might of seen it. It's the one that looks like a third grader drew a palmated buck with crayons to record various measurements prior to skinning out the cape. Well like most things in my taxidermy arsenal. I couldn't find it come mounting time. No problem I thought since I believe I can mount a deer with my eyes closed. Fast forward to last night! Deer is mounted and carded. I then stumble across that form from George (there isn't a copy right attached to it). I pull it out and I couldn't believe that my antler set was almost two inches off from nose to right side tip of antler. Prior to last night, I thought I was spot on! I guess what looks good may not even be close. A lesson well learned!

    PS - Thanks George for allowing me to use your form. I give you all of the credit for drawing that deer on the form.