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Open Letter to John Creager, Mitch Webb and NTA - BOD's

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John Janelli, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Dear Mr. Creager,

    To say how disappointed this past president is in you and the administration that allows you to continue as board member would be a complete understatement to say the least. Of course I am referring to your most hateful and extreme racists comments you posted on someones Face book page just one day before the start of the NTA convention. What were you thinking?! The contents of which I cannot post verbatim here on taxi.net, but I can sanitize it as best as possible as your wrote:

    "Those N....S can go @#$% themself" (your misspelled word, not mine.)

    The topic of the post was of the NAACP talk of having the three confederate generals removed off Stone Mountain. To which I replied:

    "Mr. Creager, you are a board member of the National Taxidermists Association. How will you will face the African American NTA members, vendors and their families after what you just posted above? NO! I don't like your hateful racist words when you represent a national organization in an industry that is just now leaving behind a generation of extreme racists such as yourself. You disappoint me more and more with each passing day as a leader, an American and even more so, a US Veteran."

    You boast time and time again of being a trained killer and fighter. You brag about how little respect for life you have acquired after all the years of your military service. And oh how that bottled up hate shows through now!

    Please have the decency to remove and apologize for your hateful racists remark in the social media of Facebook, resign TODAY as NTA board member, before a TV news team from Gatlinburg News publicly sticks a camera in your face and allows you to further embarrass the NTA even more so than you have already have done up to this point in time.

    Mitch Webb, you once had me censored off taxi.net and I was made to understand why, although I never once appreciated or accepted the fact that you violated my rights to free speech for whatever reason you may have had. Do the right thing this time and if he has not already, demand that John Creager pulls his racists comments off Facebook and insist upon his resignation now!

    NTA Board Members, John Creager needs to be disciplined in the most effective way possible. There can never be an excuse for such blatant disrespectful behavior, coming from a public figure head who seems to have carte blanche at trampling through other people's lives and pasts as he seems to have been doing since he became a board member. Please stop him now before someone gets hurt. Remember, we have a Board Member's Code of Conduct to enforce.

    Most sincerely,

    John Janelli
    Immediate Past President
  2. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member


  3. LordRusty

    LordRusty If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong.

    John, that is the kind of thing that made me let my NTA membership lapse, and the very reason why I have never renewed. Seeing that hateful speech, it seems nothing has changed, and neither has my stance on rejoining the NTA ... for what it's worth.
  4. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    John Creager, I never thought there would ever be a totally renewed meaning to the term "Disgraced board member" as it so well applies now to you. If this administration permits you to remain in spite of your willful racism and prejudice without your resignation, then God help us all.
  5. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Very well, perhaps our newly "disgraced board member" will have the courage to name the person(s) who you're alluding to in your posts. You make some very serious insinuations here. Sure hope you have the paper work to prove it all, because I sure have what I need to prove that those filthy despicable racist comments you so posted on facebook was in fact your own words and in your account. The Gatlinburg News team was extremely helpful for that. For once in your life, do the right thing, resign now before this goes any further. This is one time you will not be allowed the luxury of lies. And I promise you if you do not resign, it will go further than you think. There is no room anymore for racism such as you spewed out on facebook in this NTA. Incidentally, the sole reason I am not in your face personally about your racists remarks on facebook is because I was strongly advised by the most outstanding attorney that ever befriended the NTA, not to attend this year's show. You have no idea how close you were to an all out confrontation of your hate crimes. Oh yes, before I forget; my three NJ handgun permits just arrived so I opted for a vintage T/C Contender and it's on its way. Convicted felons can't get any kind of firearm you know, and that viscous feral pit bull in town here? Alas, Jo Jo reports it died of lead poisoning shortly after you and I spoke of it. Keep digging 'disgraced one', you're hole is getting deeper by the day.
  6. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    You're the same person who sent out those most incredulous emails (yes, I have them) to the BOD's these past few weeks, and now you quote scripture verses? Mr. Creager, your hole gets deeper in the mud by the hour. But here's a few quotes you can try on for size:

    Many people are so concerned with being right that all their mental energy is consumed by stonewalling, bluffing, blaming and denying. If you're wrong, admit it and get on to the solution or the next step.
    Brian Tracy

    A man may make mistakes, but he isn't a failure until he starts blaming someone else.
    John Wooden

    Have confidence in your decisions. Make them expeditiously, and stay with them as long as you believe you are correct no matter what others say. However, when you conclude you were in error, do not hesitate to announce the error publicly and change course.
    Edward Kock

    Not to acknowledge a mistake, not to correct it and learn from it, is a mistake of a different order. It usually puts a person on a self-deceiving, self-justifying path, often involving rationalization (rational lies) to self and to others. This second mistake, this cover-up, empowers the first, giving it disproportionate importance, and causes far deeper injury to self.
    Stephen Covey
  7. txoutdoors

    txoutdoors Active Member

    1334 views and only 2 or 3 posts from the peanut gallery ???....clearly a ton of people are interested in this, but people are not commenting. Why is that? I can only assume its because this is between 2 "leaders" in the industry? If this were anyone else on here there would have been a ton of commentary, so let me add mine to this.....

    I typically try to avoid controversy on here, but after years of watching NTA BS, I can't take it anymore.

    You two are both acting like schoolgirls on a PUBLIC forum. Dancing around with accusation and innuendo. Your doing nothing but making BOTH OF YOU and the NTA look foolish!!!

    JJ, either post proof or an apology. You brought this to a public forum so bring it all and let people see and decide for themselves or stop the accusations and apologize. That simple in my opinion.

    JC, not very professional with the innuendo. I expect you to defend yourself, but a simple "WTF are you talking about, your wrong!" would have been enough. Airing past dirty laundry and accusations only lowers your position in this and makes the NTA look even worse.

    I may have jumped in where I don't belong here, and for that I apologize, but cut the bullchit please! Either prove it, or drop it. And do us all a favor and keep this kind of crap off of a PUBLIC forum. It does nobody any good and continues the legacy that the NTA has of this kind of controversy.

    There, I feel better. This is just my opinion. Sorry if I jumped in where I don't belong, but I think I am saying what most others are thinking.

    Danny Allen
  8. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Danny, I dont blame you for being fed up...as for why no other comments, my guess is because sometimes the peanut gallery simply doesnt know all the facts that lead up to stuff like this, and it certainly doesnt help the issue at hand if everyone chimes in uninformed. Sometimes its better to have it out in the open I suppose, rather than wrapped in secrecy. Some mistakes have been made. Hopefully they can be corrected. Enough is enough.
  9. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    People may or may not be commenting for any number reasons. My initial reason for starting this post is not to embarrass the NTA. John Creager does a great job of that every day. Racism has been a curse upon us for so long, that if John Creager continues as a board member, the NTA may never get out from under the disgrace he has brought upon the organization with his careless, uncontrolled and undisciplined behavior in the social media. He is suppose to represent the NTA 24/7/365. That is one tremendous responsibility that he can no longer be trusted with and that isn't just my opinion. I tried to reach out to Mitch Webb - no response as usual. He's busy? So am I. Me being a convicted felon as Creager alludes to? I have not even been arrested for a felony crime in my life much less been convicted of one. Again - Creager forces himself to tell lies when he can't back peddle his way out of his own muck. You can't take it anymore?? Neither can the NTA. You see words and BS as you call it. I see an old African American man who did more to help the NTA than 100 John Creagers combined could even dream of doing. To see old Sinclair Clark speed shaving with a curriers knife against a fleshing machine expert used to draw crowds like nothing ever could to this day. If the dues back then was $25.00 Sinclair paid $100.00 out of his wallet and from his heart. If this BOD's allows Creager to continue, SHAME ON THEM! Trust me when I say, in executive session, the good 'ol boys stay together like red, white and blue.
    You ask "to prove it"? How can I do that without posting the actual shocking vulgar words that Creager now denies having posted, when at first he did not deny it. Send me your email address and I'll send you the shamefull facebook post he put there.

    Mr. Creager, I could care a cracked glass eye about the lies and rhetoric that you've been trying to buffalo your way out of a 'hate crime' with because that's exactly where this is heading if you don't knock it off and soon. Every word you post is going into a file against you. For all intended purposes, you might as well even begin to make the same racists remarks about my ethnicity because you so openly hate everybody else who is not from your own sacred blood line and thought patterns. Since when does a person's military service give a veteran the right to use social media as a means by which to voice racism, profanity and prejudice all while posing to be a leader in a national organization that is compromised of nearly every ethnic group that YOU were sworn to protect from oppression as AMERICANS?! Did being German give Hitler the right to horrifically eradicate millions of other Germans who just happened to be Jewish? Does being a Cuban give Castro the right to imprison all other Cubans in the now weakening grip of communism who only happen to dsiagree with his politics? No, it sure doesn't. Likewise, you also do not have the right or entitlment as you seem to love expressing it as, to publicly and openly abuse and degrade any race or ethnic group using langauge and words that have recently lost the jobs and shattered the careers of those who were also so mindless as you are to speak their words of prejudice in a public open venue. Like the song goes, "Words are like weapons - they wound you sometimes!" Your words on facebook have not only wounded those who expected better of you, but you once again put a crack in the NTA that will never be made whole again until you post an open apology and you resign. This is not about one single other thing that you've been throwing down in front of me to avoid the issues at hand. YOU PUBLICLY POSTED VULGAR, RACSIST, HATE CHARGED comments on someones else's facebook page with regard to Stone Mountain and then blatantly lied to the world that someone else hacked into your facebook account because you became so afraid of the truth. Maybe it's time to post some of the emails you've been slamming other board members with lately just to show how truly contrite and frogiving you've been lately. How well being "a disgraced board member" fits your persona.
    This is one of many PM's I sent to more than a few people who voiced there concerns against you;

    ....As for John C., please understand first of all that one of my most dear friends was Sinclair Clark, the African American tanner who literally dressed tens of thousands of skins for 6 major museums, 10 world renowned taxidermists and personally trained more than a few tanners some of which are still in business today. In 1921, Carl Akeley asked Sinclair who was just a teenager then, to come to Africa and be his personal skinner in the field. Imagine that!!! Well, Sinclair's momma put her foot down and forbid it. The reason was, that lady knew full well that as cruel as racism was here in America, it was far worse in Africa. I never forgot that story and neither did Sinclair. Now he's gone, but since then, I could never allow any public disrespect for any ethnic group because of what Sinclair was to me, his friends and our industry. No body ever saw color or race in Sinclair. He loved the NTA so much that he and I roomed together at the very first NTA competition in 1978 in Denver. When John C. spouted out his vulgarity under Sam's facebook page as others did too, I became furious at JC because first and foremost he was an NTA officer. Second because Sinclair's grand daughter Dianne had just spoke to me yesterday morning about a book she is writing about Sinclair. I was so proud to tell her that racism just did not occur in our professional circle of the industry. And now, I have to make excuses for JC and the NTA for not addressing the issue with him.
    But I need you to know that Mitch Webb does not accept my phone calls nor does his respond to my numerous emails and that's been for over 2 years now. JC has such a foul mouth in his condescending emails that I had to block him from my computer. I had no viable option than to call him out on taxi.net much to my own regret.
    Anyway, thank you for your PM and if you ever need a hand on school projects or taxidermy work, do not hesitate to find me. Maybe now you understand why my email address has always been; [email protected]
  10. ortegageno

    ortegageno Active Member

    A similar response was made on day one of this post and got removed. I was thinking someone wanted the drama to continue but just between theses 2 guys.
  11. PA

    PA Well-Known Member

    Mr. Allen, you have a right on a public forum to post your opinion, but it doesn't surprise me that it has lots of views with few comments from the "Peanut Gallery". Most people do a 'drive by' and look at the accident but don't bother posting their comments. For example look at the discussion on Ethical Taxidermy last week - there were over 4400 views and only a handful of people commented.

    Ken is probably busy at the NTA, but if not I would guess this entire thread would be eliminated - and it may still be done.

    Ego is one of the worse attributes of the Human race, and unfortunately everyone has one, and when backed into a corner gets very defensive.

    Race relations is a hot-button issue these days, and the way people were raised in the north is MUCH different than those in the south. I attended the NTA meetings in Richmond Virginia and some of the words coming out of the southerners at that meetings shocked me. I was raised north of the Mason Dixon Line, and I thought I was back in the 1930's through the early 1960's with the language and feelings towards certain races. It frankly turned me off. In todays' world, there can be no public written discourse of this sort of thing because it tarnishes the organization that it is associated with it.

    That all said, I didn't see the Facebook post so don't know how it was phrased or what words were used. I don't also know that it is that easy to hack Facebook - but posts CAN be deleted I believe. I also don't see how relevance of being a veteran would allow you to be racist in your views - verbally sure, anyone can be racist, just not on the web.

    JJ and JC should probably eliminate their posts here on this thread, JC take out his Facebook post, and we all agree they don't like one-another.
  12. Peanut gallery:
    People whose criticism are regarded as irrelevant or insignificant.

    You racist bunch of people!! :mad: :mad:
  13. Whitetailart

    Whitetailart New Member

    Most people don't post be cause they are thinking. HERE WE GO AGAIN
  14. mimes

    mimes Member

    Most people don't post because they are non NTA members looking for entertainment.
  15. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Gentlemen, I assure you I'm not here to entertain anything but justice. Two years ago this very week board member John Creager sent another board member an official document 30 days in advance of the meeting stating that he (the accused) was facing ethic charges on public sexual misconduct against a woman in a north eastern state. When the time came for Creager to open his mouth and stand firm by his convictions, he buckled just as everyone else did in that room except for two people, my wife Carol and myself. Here was the accused's closing argument of that discussion; "Hell, I was in Yankeeville when I did that, all them Yankees do that to women up there anyway!" I saw the tears and frustration welling up in Carol's eyes. As a president, I had no power other than to bring to the table the circumstances at hand. I'll be damned if this will happen again. This is not dirty laundry, it's a sad state affairs that the likes of which are ignored even more today than ever before. What will Creager say now? That he was coerced into sending the letter out to the accused? Can anyone in that room deny what is now recorded on tape that the BOD's permitted yet another cover up? Laugh if you will, comment if you must, this is not going away until John Creager resigns for his public profanity laced racist remarks on facebook. He stepped over the line, he tried to cover it up, he failed. Mitch Webb has never responded to a single concern that I voiced to him either by taxidermy.net, email and or phone. Nor will he ever address this or any other concerns unless it has to do with his shinning integrity as the man who saved the NTA. And if you think for a minute that this is fun for me, try holding back Sinclair's family from posting here for the very first time ever, on the subject of racism and an NTA leader. What a sad introduction that truly would be. The mud slinging will end only when they stop playing around in the rain.
  16. davehyer

    davehyer Active Member

    its obvious you two don't like each other. All you are doing is ruining any chance the NTA had of recovering.
  17. . Where's the Like Button?
  18. RichMO

    RichMO Well-Known Member

    [SIZE=medium] Where's the Like Button? I'll second that.[/SIZE]
    [/size][SIZE=medium]There are a lot of things we can all dislike and like most of mine come from the idea of people trying to force political correctness down my throat. If your in the country not invited your "Illegal", screw congress and those saying "Undocumented". If all the illegals say there here to help why did they not help out there own country?? As for the Confederate flag, I have no personal opinion. I was not in that war nor my father nor my grandfather nor my great great grandfather (150+ years ago ..... some people need to get a life),and don't care (it is over and all because a Republican stepped forward "NOT a Democrat".). The Confederate flag with the bars going from corner to corner was a Battle Flag..... If you think that removing it will stop the killings go for it, but put it in a Museum where it belongs as part of History. But when you tell me to take down the American flag because it was there before the Confederate flag and it to represents slavery "I'll probably tell you where to go and not politely". I don't see the Irish complaining, American Indian, Chinese, Japanese and all the others for what has happened in history..... As for the "N" word, well I try not to ever use it just my own decision and respect for others. I heard the word used so many times at work by black workers calling each other the word I would loose count. I guess it's ok for a black to use the word but not a white person?? (at least not at work??). As for if this will effect the NTA..... I doubt it as they already have their hands full and Mitch and John have worked hard to bring it back to the point it is today. This NTA Convention will probably be one of the best in a long time. [/SIZE]
    [/size][SIZE=medium]If you think that posting all your frustration on here about not liking something or something someone said it will only in the end make you a smaller person. [/SIZE]
  19. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Your opinion is welcome and fine by me all the same. Just stick to the topic at hand; John Creager crossed the line when he publicly expressed his vicious racist remarks in a social media venue. By no means does he have to answer to me. He's an NTA board member who made a very poor and costly mistake in a day and time when racism of any sort will never be tolerated again, especially in the NTA where its ugly head reared more times than it was ever corrected. Oh wait...it was never corrected, I forgot.
    As for the convention, stick around, the best is yet to come on Saturday night. Really wish I was there for it.
  20. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member

    I personally like hearing about how an organization covers issue after issue after issue up or plain just ignores them. Without posts like this, most would never know and would keep blindly paying money to a group that is supposed to stand for all taxidermists . Speaking of "Unethical" taxidermy........