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Open Letter to John Creager, Mitch Webb and NTA - BOD's

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by John Janelli, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. lol, how many cases you want? 8) 8) You do know that being in Yankee ville you going to piss some folks off. ;D ;D ;D

    opps did i just use a racial slurrr. dang man im sorry i mean northern gentleman. ;) ;)
  2. Crittercoroner

    Crittercoroner DUDE, your uselessness is epic!

    I harm no foul. I'll hang em right next to the rainbow flag.

    The great thing about hating everyone is that it's impossible to be prejudiced.

  3. Cindy Creager

    Cindy Creager New Member

    July 20, 2015
    Dear Mr. Janelli,
    My husband, John Creager, and I have just arrived home after a very stressful week at the NTA Convention in Gatlinburg. The days were long and the nights’ sleep was very short. I have just now read your posts, and I would like to respond.
    I am appalled and offended by your HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE accusations. At the time of that despicable post THAT WE HAVE NEVER SEEN, John and I were cruising up and down Highway 441 in downtown Gatlinburg. We had been driving since 8 a.m. that morning, in the company of NTA President Mitch Webb and his mother, Miss Connie. Some lowlife scumbag had once again cancelled our reservations at the River Terrace Convention Center. Our reservations had been cancelled not once, not twice, but THREE times by someone claiming to be John Creager. We fortunately found a room at Motel 6 at one o’clock in the morning (Tuesday morning). It’s very difficult to find a place to stay in a busy vacation hotspot in the middle of the night, but we got lucky despite someone’s efforts to the contrary. I don’t know why you would say that he made that comment on a facebook post when he was so dead tired, he could hardly walk!
    It seems very odd to me that just a few days prior, someone paid $100 to run a background check on my husband. They were looking for dirt obviously and didn’t find any because my husband is a GOOD, HONEST, AND DECENT human being. He doesn’t even have a parking or speeding ticket. John would never say such a thing. He judges a man by his character, not by the color of his skin. You should know that, Mr. Janelli. His upstanding character is why you appointed him to the NTA Board of Directors, isn’t it?
    Two years ago, you asked John C to be an NTA board member. He thought long and hard about it. If you will recall, he didn’t jump at the chance. He talked it over with me and told me that if he took it, I had to understand that he would stay until the NTA was strong enough to stand on its own feet. He would not quit until he could pass the reins on to an NTA board that was honest, transparent, straight-forward, and could be depended upon to put the members first. It would be a battle, possibly a long, drawn out war and did I understand that? Yes, I did. There would be dishonest people who would insult him and try to disgrace him as he tried to make the NTA an organization to be proud of, and would I still stand by him? And I said that I would. John Creager is no quitter, and once committed, I knew that he would stay the course.
    John C accepted your offer and extended the hand of friendship. As you were his leader, he took it upon himself to guard your back. He helped you avoid some nasty confrontations and put forth a lot of effort in making you look good. He, along with all the board in 2013, worked their rear-ends off making that convention in Baton Rouge a success. During the convention, you promised the board a financial report and a profit and loss statement before the convention was over, not once but several times. I heard you say it. It didn’t happen when the convention ended but nonetheless, we all went home happy and content that the NTA finances were in good order.
    I remember one telephone conversation very well. My husband called you in August 2013 and asked for the financial statement and you changed the subject. He asked you again and you got mad. John C asked you for that finance report FIVE times and each time he asked, your voice got louder and angrier. You resorted to name calling and profanity. Why? I heard it all. I was there, Mr. Janelli. You were on speaker phone. And since that time, you have attacked John on this forum every chance you get. What has my husband done to earn all this animosity? And why then, the day before the NTA Convention?
    You wanted a certain board member off the board. I won’t name names, but this old man is highly thought of in a lot of circles. An icon of the industry, so to speak. The whole board, with the exception of you, Mr. Janelli, regretted that they had to review the evidence and make a decision. But there was NO evidence. The alleged victim in this case wanted the whole matter dropped and forgotten and all the board had was an email (and it wasn’t signed) from one of the witnesses. You’re a smart man, Mr. Janelli, and you know that this wasn’t a trial and there wasn’t any evidence. You said John C failed you. Did you think that you had hired a hit man? A “Yes Man”? John C is neither.
    You said that John C has “boasted of being a trained killer and fighter”. I’ve never known him to say any such thing. He was in the Army for many years as a soldier. He volunteered for that job and he became one of the best. He took an oath to defend his country and the Constitution. Do you know anything about oaths, Mr. Janelli? John C takes his oaths VERY SERIOUSLY. They are a matter of honor to him. He would give his life today to defend that oath. Do you have any military experience, Mr. Janelli? Soldiers are trained to fight, and yes, kill even. But they don’t talk about it---it’s an unspoken code amongst them. They do what they have to do so that people like us, you and me Mr. Janelli, and those in foreign countries, can enjoy freedom. They fight for those oppressed. They take on the bullies and protect the weak. It’s ingrained in them. When they are attacked, they know only to fight back. And that is why that every time you attack John C, he has to fight back. Please stop attacking him.
    You said that my husband has “bottled up hate”. Are we talking about the same person here? John Creager? What hate? John C. helps out anyone in need. He has given money to help kids in 4-H, FFA, and other school groups. He sponsored a student on a citizenship trip to Washington DC. He paid the utilities of a waitress at a local café whose electricity was going to be cut off. He donates deer head mounts to kids who have shot their first deer or elk and can’t afford to pay. He has donated time and money and food to local food pantries, police departments, sheriff’s departments, and fire departments. He has donated many hundreds of dollars to the winners of our school’s science fair. He’s very well known in our area for his advice in helping veterans get medical aid from the VA. He even drives elderly veterans to their appointments at VA hospitals.
    My mother, a very wise woman, once told me that there were only two kinds of people in the world –GIVERS and TAKERS. “Marry a Giver, Cindy”, she’d say. They are always happy because they give from the heart with love. They listen. They give their time, their money, and their heart to make others happy. Their soul is light because they have made the world a better place by helping the people who live in it. “Avoid the Takers”. They are never happy because they never give of themselves. They don’t listen—they want you to listen to them. They always want more of your time, your money, and even your love. And no matter how much you give a taker, it’s never enough. Their souls are dark and heavy with wanting…
    John Creager is and always has been a GIVER. I have schoolfriends of his walk up and tell me how John C protected them from the bully that attacked them in school. He has soldier buddies, from privates to generals, call him up and visit on the phone with him. People from all walks of life come to him for advice and he tries to help all who need it. He has never turned anyone away who was in need. If you asked him for help today, even after all the things you’ve said about him, John C would help you.
    You asked for his resignation from the NTA Board, Mr. Janelli, because of a racist comment that some hacker used to make him look bad. We are having that post traced by a friend of ours in the FBI. Looks like it came from somewhere on the upper east coast. You’re probably thinking “If he’s so f*@&*#g good, why does he have any enemies?” Well, it’s like this, Mr. Janelli. John Creager isn’t afraid to take on the bullies. He hates liars, cheats, and thieves and when he finds them, he’s not afraid to call them out. So guess who his enemies are? Yep, you guessed it. Bullies, liars, cheats, and thieves.
    I would think that it would be in the best interest of the NTA if they kept John Creager on the board and tried to find more like him. Wouldn’t that make the NTA a better organization? The NTA needs more GIVERS, not TAKERS like they have had in the past. They need someone to stand up to the bullies, liars, cheats, and thieves. Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Janelli?
    What are you, Mr. Janelli, a GIVER or a TAKER? Ever thought about that, sir? Have you made a commitment to be one or the other? Give it some thought, sir. You have so many wonderful talents, and I’m thinking of your eloquent writing ability. Wouldn’t that better serve everyone involved if you donated that talent in the writing of grants for the NTA to give to beginning taxidermists? Or couldn’t you put your talents to use trying to raise prize money for NTA competitions? Have you thought of trying to help out your state association? Many of them are in dire need in this current economic climate. Have you thought about being a mentor or big brother? Helping out at the local high school? There are so many young people who could be helped by using your talents. Giving, not taking. Good, not evil. Positive, not negative. I assure you, sir, you’ll be a lot happier person for it. Your rants on this forum spew anger, rage, and many more negative feelings. This doesn’t help you or the public’s opinion of you.
    I applaud your efforts in raising money for past notables of the taxidermy industry, but they are dead and gone and you can’t do much for them. The future needs you more. Think POSITIVE. Think about being a GIVER. Get away from that computer keyboard---surely you have a life beyond it? This hateful venom you spew towards my husband only makes you look bad. It needs to stop. No matter how hard you try, you will never lessen my husband in my eyes. I know him. I know him better than his mother does. He is a GOOD, HONEST, and DECENT human being and I am very proud to call him my husband.
    Mrs. John Creager

    P.S. The Gatlinburg News never showed up. It wasn’t newsworthy because people on Facebook get hacked all the time. They didn’t even come and do a story on the NTA Convention. Because there is no Gatlinburg News. Thought I should tell you. Wouldn’t want you wasting time. Think Positive. Give. Good. Repeat….
  4. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Mrs. Creager,
    My sincere regrets, but you are simply not believable to me. For your information, a very concerned moderator defused the entire News Team effort. So if they were there, you can rest assured it wasn't from my end. If I had one wish, it would be that you would have this same dialogue with your devoted husband when he wrongfully accuses and make highly erroneous statements such as me being an ex-felon for hitting a cop. You should know that I think the world of your loving husband, there's just no place for him any longer in my world. Hacked on facebook? Gee, I must have been hacked too. Because my reply was pulled just as his was. Maybe it was "Uncle" Sam?

    Fortunately, I'm not as much of a deadly trained killer and or fighter that you wrote to me about last year as can be seen here:

    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: 1/11/2014 12:19:13 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
    Subj: Not just another Dear John letter....

    Dear John,
    I apologize for this not getting to you sooner, but as a volunteer I have to go through channels. Attached are the last board meeting minutes and the financial statement which will be coming at the end of every month. This organization needs some transparency and it needs to start at the top.
    I sent Carol a letter. I tried copying it so that you could read it but I guess you’ll just have to have her forward it, because I couldn’t get it to go through. I bought a new laptop recently and I still don’t have all the gadgets and gizmos figured out yet. Please read the letter.

    I hope that you and my John can work things out instead of this sniping at one another. My John will not back down--he’s a fighter and was trained to be a fighter. He told me once that he “had stared in the face of death many times, and been the face of death many more times”. He is one of America’s most decorated and honored soldiers. He takes his vows and his oaths very seriously, and his cause is always for what’s right. He is someone that you want on your side and you do not want him for an enemy. He will always champion the underdog and the righteous. When someone takes a swing at him, they regret it. And his tongue can be every bit as deadly as his swing. Inside, he is a kind and compassionate person just like you. Please do try and get along with him. You both want the same things, but you just have different ways.

    Best Wishes,
    Cindy Creager

    Have wonderful wee Mrs. Creager, maybe sometime soon you can send a letter like that to another person who sustained unjust attacks by your multi gifted spouse this past week at the show.

    AFTHUNT Active Member

    OK enough is enough :mad: We have bigger things to worry about: Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert got divorced Today!!!! :eek: ;D
  6. Oh no say it ain't so! Who's going to ride in her little red wagon now.

    Get in line I'm next ;D
  7. At the end of the day it really gets down to "us", the membership, with that said, my renewal has sat quietly on my desk for several months now, I posted last year that I would not renew my membership and didn't give a reason, I think its time. First, John, thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will not argue debate or get into a pissing match with anyone over the topic. The NTA will never be the national organization I've dreamed of it being, why? It goes down to the people and as I mentioned earlier "us", case in point, when I renew my yearly membership to the NRA, SCI, NSSF, Wild Turkey Federation, The Elk, Quail etc., and the list goes on, I don't second-guess my membership, I KNOW its well managed, well run, with mine and like-minded members reaping the benefits and REPRESENTATION, that membership guarantees.
    What would happen if this kind of ethics violation showed its ugly face in some of these organizations, better yet if national news picked it up? My view and opinion on the NTA leaves lots to be desired, so what and who is the NTA? Well its not me! Until the leadership, and members demand more and better, it'll just stay as is.
    This is a big disappointment to me as a Professional taxidermist willing to contribute and associate with his fellow members, but I just can't send the renewal in.
    David Cavaretta
    Bayou Taxidermy and Hunting Inc.

    AFTHUNT Active Member

    Oh im sure that line is very long! ;D
  9. NTA

    NTA National Taxidermists Association


    Before we sail off into deep waters without a life jacket, let the NTA respond officially.
    An accusation has been made. The matter was brought before the NTA BoD.
    At this time it is just that, an accusation.
    Nothing has been proven either way at this time.
    A complete investigation is underway.
    Rest assured that if necessary, disciplinary actions will be taken.
    However, at this time, no-one can say where the truth is.
    Until the truth is fully known lets try not to discredit the major steps that have taken place to put the NTA back on solid footing.
    Much work has gone in to rebuilding the NTA and much work remains to be done.
    Lynching someone on a public forum without all the facts is criminal within itself.
    Please hold your opinions and disdain until the investigation is complete.
    Last week we pulled together perhaps the best NTA show ever.
    No-one ever said that the waters would always be smooth for sailing,
    but rest assured the NTA BoD members are working hard in a positive direction for the association and all it's current and future potential members.
    We may not be there yet, but no-one is jumping ship and refusing to address the issues that remain or that may come to the surface in the future.
    If there was ever a time to believe in the NTA, it is now.

    Thank You for your concerns, interest and comments.
    We hear you and are taking this matter very seriously.
    Until the outcome is known, try to hold the negativity to a minimum.
    It is not right to ruin another man's reputation over unfounded and unproven comments.
    Nor is it beneficial to the organization and those who work hard to make the NTA a functional organization for it's membership.

  10. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    You're preaching to the choir about what it took to bring the NTA this far. And I am very happy you modified this official response by eliminating the line about it being a criminal offense to falsely accuse people without all the facts being made known. Guess that's why Mr. Creager 'modified' his previous post stating that I am a convicted felon. Unless someone also hacked his account here too, I am demanding a total apology from him based on that false comment alone.
    However, this is not to say that I do not appreciate an official response for I truly do. Only this time, the NTA is not calling the shots. An attorney has been retained who specializes in intellectual concerns of the internet. As if hateful racial commentaries are not enough, John Creager has been publicly accusing innocent people of wrong doing, crimes and misappropriation of funds without ever once being disciplined by the president or board much less having a shred of evidence too support his erroneous claims. His hateful racial comments on facebook is the proverbial straw that crippled the camel.
    Please know that when the time comes, you will have my complete cooperation in the matter including the surrender of all my social media passwords and usernames. I expect nothing less from John Creager doing the same. When a legal investigator is procured by the NTA, all necessary information will gladly be provided by both Carol and myself.
    Mr. Creager can then expect to face all the issues at the next winter board meeting, where he may have an attorney present as well as mine. It is with my sincere regret that this has escalated to the point that it did. Please understand that the inexcusable racial comments by John Creager on facebook was brought to my attention by a very concerned member of our own taxi.net community and after it was thoroughly explained to me the meaning of it's content, did I call John Creager out on taxi.net, for I believed and still do that the president would only ignore me no matter how many times I'd try to call or email my concerns to him, quite frankly, because he never has.
    Thank you very much for addressing this here and now. See you at the next winter board meeting.
  11. Bill Yox

    Bill Yox Well-Known Member

    Folks, I really think its time to stop the lynch mob...not toward John, or John, or any other person, but the NTA in general. Lets face it, ANY group bigger than two members is going to have dirty laundry. David you mentioned sending your money to other associations such as elk foundation, etc. I seem to recall the same crap going on there as well. My point isnt to call out David, but to allow his reasoning to illustrate where we are now. The NTA simply cant please some of you at this stage of the game. So, lets just give it a rest. If youre a member, outstanding! Allow your elected officials to work things out, as they have done so well in the last year plus. If you are not a member, alright already, who needs to hear how you arent? Either get involved to improve it, or move on. But take down the rope, we dont need to size it for the NTA's neck. Let things work, and get out of the way if that doesnt satisfy you.

    Also let me say this, many non members and even those literally opposed to the NTA are equally friends of mine as those who bleed NTA blood, so please dont take my comments here as personal toward any one person. Anyone is free to express themselves here in taxinet, I am just suggesting, as a fellow taxidermist, that we drop back and let things work. Thanks everyone.
  12. 451dino

    451dino New Member

    As Frank Barrone would say, "HOLY CRAP'
  13. Ron B

    Ron B Life Sucks.....Then comes the death roll!!!!

    Stand down flat lander!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  14. Brian Reinertson

    Brian Reinertson Well-Known Member

    Just an unfortunate turn of events again with the NTA right at show time. I want to believe it's going to get better. My friend for life, Tim Thacker has made all the right moves and still there is mud around the NTA. One day I hope this crap is over so I can join and be a proud member..
  15. Can't! I already bought some oil to lube that squeaky axle.
  16. newark

    newark New Member

  17. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Yes, that was at the first Akeley birthday commemoration in Clarendon, NY. The gentleman on my left in that photo is Michael Oropallo, perhaps the most amazing attorney that ever represented our industry both in and out of the court systems. He actually legalized the very standards of sculpture taxidermy that Carl Akeley had dedicated most of his life to. Some people say that in our world, there are two kinds of people, givers and takers. Michael Oropallo has been one the most generous and incredible ''givers" that any of us in taxidermy has ever been blessed with. To call him my friend is a privilege. To consider him as family is an honor.
    The guy on his right is yours truly. But tell us, who might you be?