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Beaver Chew

Discussion in 'Habitat and Exhibit' started by presmem, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. I have a tree chewed off by a beaver that I would like to clean up a little. It has some black mold spots and normal discoloration from drying. What is the best way to make it look like it is freshly chewed off?



  2. The real way is to chew it off, now that is not practical. I hope you have some other chewed wood that you can try this on before ruining that piece. I would try bleach and maybe some other solvents first, before doing it to your one and only piece. You can even paint it to get the end result, you would just need a piece to replicate it from. After thinking about this for a while, I believe painting it is the only thing that will keep it's long term appearance that color anyways. Hope this helps and good luck.

  3. KFLAH

    KFLAH Active Member

    I would try staining it.
  4. I do have some extra ones to experiment with.

    Thank you,

  5. Sikk

    Sikk Member

    I would try oiling one of your practice pieces, possibly pure tung oil without the added sealer or a tung with a satin finish sealer. make some coarse saw dust with a sander rough grit and a scrap piece and fill the cracks with an oil/sawdust paste. keeping the bark tight could be an issue, you may need to seal the bark as well. paul
  6. Thank you I will give that a try.

  7. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    Have you thought of casting it?
  8. ice

    ice Active Member