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What is the deal??

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by AFTHUNT, Aug 20, 2015.


    AFTHUNT Well-Known Member

    What is up with the bird thread? ??? This use to be the busiest and most inspirational thread on here, now it is dead! only two posts yesterday. It seems like since the bullies took over and chased off some great bird guys and now people are too afraid to post? :mad: everyone needs to leave their EGOS off the site and go back to the big happy bird family we use to have on here. :)

    It sure would be nice to see a lot of you guys that left start to post again, So lurkers like me have something to look at every day. ;D

    Just my thoughts, you all have a great bird day!!!


    Early goose hunting opens here in 11 days duck hunting is right around the corner, bear hunting opens in 19 days wow, it is fall hunting season again where did the time go????
  2. wilcox1088

    wilcox1088 Active Member

    X2. There used to be a lot of great and helpful information on the bird category but only a few are posting now days. To the ones that are still posting thanks for all the inspiration

  3. Right on, Tom. I used to creep for years before I got an actual account. Learned a lot from this forum.
  4. BrookeSFD16

    BrookeSFD16 Well-Known Member

    IMO most got tired of the DRAMA and started posting on other sites. I don't Facebook or Tweeter or none of that other "social media " so I can't verify that. There were some guys and gals who posted alot, leaving me with very little space on my SD card. :D But in the past few months they just disappeared. I have PMed several and asked them to consider coming back...but have received no replies. From what I understand, on those other sites you can curse and bash and harass with no moderator to stop it, so maybe that's what folks want.

    This site has given me motivation, inspiration, and information and has been fairly civil. I'll be here, and I'll keep posting what I can. I'm just a Newbie and don't have much information to share, but will continue to give back what a can.

    Anyone with alternative means of contacting some of the Taxi.Net regulars please do so, and let's see if we can crank this thing back up!
  5. The same could be said about Wrapped Mounts only. The brainchild of Snowhare. It hasn't been used much since May.
    Is that for the same reasons mentioned? I think you're right, some people might be intimidated by the negative comments they seem to get by sharing their work. Which is a double whammy, as we say her in the Uk. The inspiration and knowledge these people project is lost. But that is not only due to negativity by a few who are sometimes social misfits. Perhaps it is no more than someone genuinely giving a productive argument to what they are looking at; as opposed to a destructive one.
    I don't think it is just about the 'bullying' mentioned. People experiment, that's their choice. Maybe its curiosity, dare I say, even boredom. It's a great site, different personalities and opinions sometimes clash as in every aspect of our lives. Someone mentioned other sites where these ex-Taxinet users have migrated to. The reasons suggested, if correct, and I am referring to a moderator-free site, means they are more able to express themselves without being deleted. Ok, but you have to wonder if tagging along with them are the very people you mention are causing problems on this site. People are people, wherever they're found. You can be in any organisation, club, or group where like-minded people associate, and resentment, envy and ignorance are there, in the minority hopefully. And though it's not perfect, what in life is?, this site has the right balance in my opinion, of inspiration, sensible freedom of views, and sometimes, just enough to keep us amused and also on our toes, by that, I mean ferocious debate! People come and go. Some return, some move on again. I would like to see the return of anyone whose no longer posting on here; whatever their reason for leaving. Each person's experience and their perception of this site is governed by how they were treated. They might forget the name of the person who upset them, but not the way it made them feel. Is that really important? Maybe to them. But I think life's too short for all that. The good outweighs the not so good. Knowledge and inspiration to all. Just my thoughts.
  6. Tom, on Refugeforums, tha taxidermy section is also pretty dead.

    Wish I could get a decent bird to work on, then it might be post worthy :mad:

    AFTHUNT Well-Known Member

    Yogi if it wasn't for gifted birds I wouldn't have any to play with.
  8. vmax

    vmax Member

    I agree that the cyber bullies ruined this forum many years ago. When I first started in taxidermy in the late 90's this was the place to be. It was loaded with great advice and conversation....then the bad mouthing and bullying started getting rapid. It was even taking over the conversations at the shows and then the talk started that this forum has hurt the industry more than it helped. People started pealing off in droves never to return. I walked away for a good ten years after spending most of my evenings on here. It's just recently I have tired dipping my toe back in the pond.

    I hope that it can be great once again, too!!!!!
  9. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    its summertime folks...most are busy or trying to get caught up before hunting seasons start up again........fish take up a lot of time ....they will be back....otherwise others will take over...cheri is doing a wonderful job
  10. smitty0810

    smitty0810 Member

    I am fairly new on the forum, few months I suppose. But I agree, this forum is dead. Most of what I get off it is old information. I randomly check it throughout the day and nothing ever changes. Seems like it takes a week to get just 10 replies on a thread. And like yall said, most of the names I see in the older stuff dont ever show up anymore. I will say though some of that older stuff is slammed with drama and bickering about who killed who. oh well.. Still a valuable source of knowledge and information.
  11. twinrivers

    twinrivers Active Member

    I agree with byrdman as well. I lose motivation during the summertime, even though I have work to do. I always say to myself that I won't quit till I am caught up but I never do. Always put things off because of my full time job, nice weather, friends popping in after work, fishing, etc. It's a busy time of year, and some are probably taking a break from the forums. I tend to take most of the summer off from my shop, or the time just seems to fly by, and now I need to race to get everything done and out of the door. Hang in there though they will be back on eventually.
  12. Forums peaked a decade ago. Most guys leave because after posting for years the thrill or novelty or whatever you want to call it wears off. The new guys that would have came here are on fb, twitter, snapchatting, pinterest, or somewhere else never having ever been on a forum. I can't think of a single longstanding forum that's traffic hasn't drastically decreased the past few years. Sign of the times.

    If it wasn't for people like Nancy that make this place great for information and learning and 'bullies' like George for entertainment (as well as lots of useful information that often goes unnoticed because people are too sensitive to get past his delivery), this place would really be hurting!
  13. bucksnort10

    bucksnort10 Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all the others that have helped keep this alive too . . . Brooke, Cheri, Shawn, afthunt, magicmick, txwaterfowl, Aaron, brazosboyt, spencer2, wraith, glasseye, FF/Birdman etc... you get the drift

    It will pick up once fall and the bird seasons open.
  14. Well, I'll chime in. I was a visitor. I didn't contribute much though. Would help with newbie questions, because I'm a relative newbie, and trying to answer a question I have no right to answer seems silly. By the way, there were guys answering questions, who in my opinion had very little experience, and probably should have left the answering to the experts lol?

    Brooke was kind enough to send me a PM. I replied though. My answer was simple. I do use Facebook, and I'll tell you why? You can be your own moderator. You find like-minded people who share your hobby, as well as political belief, and perhaps religious beliefs? I'm not opposed to a polite argument, but I'm not going to get into a pissing match. I find myself wanting to up the ante during fights, because of my experience having 8 siblings. In other words, I know how to fight, and I'm good at it. That however is not what I like to do. I share, and I call out bullshit. Liars and thieves and whining sniveling babies I have no time for. The drama is everywhere, because the entitlement idea is the new way. Some might argue that sharing information to people is a for of entitlement. I think sharing followed by a thank you offsets this. I think getting information and sharing information is a good thing. Some think this is giving away priveleged information, and bad for business. I think by not sharing shows you're not the sharing type, and is bad for business. The reason is, I don't want to do business with these types. So the drama that is everywhere is there because of clashing personalities, overly sensitive individuals, giant narcissistic egos, angry little people hiding at mommy's house behind a keyboard, and some innocent people getting caught up in the middle of shit they had no idea even exists.

    Now the day of forums is fading fast. I am a moderator on a taxidermy forum. We are a small group. I like it that way. I don't stand for bullies, or critics that cannot do it kindly. We often say nothing, versus that sucks. Who leaves happier when they post less than stellar work? It is slow on every forum I've ever visited. Social media allows you to moderate, and block anyone you don't ever want to see. A public forum? The moderator needs to let shit run its course. I know, because I have to use a limited discretion when bumping someone.

    It is summer. People come and go. There was plenty of drama. Some people have no idea of the hatred that some people carry, and hear only one version of the story. Someone is going to rub you the wrong way. People are going to have different beliefs and viewpoints. Some people refuse to let shit go. Some refuse to grow up. Anonymity allows the weirdos to interact. Forums are being replaced by social media.

    I like my Facebook friends. I hand select them, and when I get one wrong, I dump them, never to see a post by them ever again!

    Whether my perspective is how anyone else sees it or not, I don't know? It is why I'm not around though, and who cares? I added very little, and quite often got annoyed with the new idiot that joined. Right now, you have it pretty good. I don't see the pissing matches and drama. And like our little forum that I moderate, it's a nice and pleasant place to visit. Each new visitor mentions it.....but it's certainly slow, certainly lacking visitors, and I'll be honest. I like it that way....and you guys should too!

    Have a great day people! Share more, say nothing more often rather than fighting. Opinions are just opinions. They are rarely fact lol. It's okay to be wrong. It's not okay when you cannot admit it. If you treat people in person with respect, you shouldn't change when you are at the keyboard!