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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Wolf_Eyes, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. Modified post: updated October 6th 2015 - TRADE OR BUY

    Here is my updated wish list for wolf taxidermy parts. I am currently NOT looking for pelts, just faces, paws and tails as I cannot afford a pelt right now. I will not accept any species of endangered wolves and no trophy kills. I prefer animals be loved, blessed and its resources used. I am able legally own wolf parts in the state of Ohio. I am willing to buy wolf pieces or I am also willing to trade for them! I have several kinds of fox and coyote which are all in beautiful condition, no pelts tho. (Masks, ears headdress, tails)

    1. Large male Arctic wolf face (I already have my female)

    2.Large Arctic wolf paws

    3. Huge Arctic Wolf Tail:
    (The bigger and fuller, the better! When nice quality items are sent my way, I am even happy to pay a little extra on top of it. This is one of my top wish list items.)

    4. Large Blue-Phase Wolf Tail AND Face:: (blueish silver color)
    (This color is rare for a wolf. I already have these gorgeous silver and blue phase wolf paws to
    Do my wolf medicine with but now I would love to have a tail and
    Fur face that can be shaped into a mask to wear along with them

    Thanks so much!
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