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Sea otter skull for sale on eBay

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by Sea Wolf, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Not mine, not involved .. and it's in Russia. Has some nice pictures of it though if you have never seen one in detail. Not going into legalities and all that. Just spotted it there and thought the pictures of it were worth looking at.

  2. Yeah, that's not the first sea otter that seller has put up. He usually has Bears and otters, and I've seen him sell a seal too. Would love a legit sea otter... or one of those giant otters. :)

  3. The Russian sea otters (E.l.lutris subspecies) are in CITES App. II.
    The seller wrote nothing about permits though.
  4. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    As with many people in outlying areas, they probably do not know. Many things come up on eBay that people find at flea markets, auctions or other sales and just list them for re sale. They have no idea what they have many times or whether or not is is something protected. Again, it is also in Russia so Russian laws might be different for something old you find in a barn somewhere. Also sales of something like that to Europe and even Canada are permissible where to the USA it is not.
  5. The seller may manage to issue an export permit with Russian fish & game authorities, but importing to the buyer's country (especially US) looks almot impossible.
    So, I would recommend everyone think twice - you may lose your money and get in trouble.
    Craving for a sea otter? Buy a replica. With sea otters, it's one of few cases when a replica of carnivore skull can be almost identical to real one (due to those nice dense turbinates forming almost solid wall in nasal cavity).
  6. I've always looked at it this way... While it's nice to have a rare skull (rare by US standards), it's better to have a collection that I'm not afraid to display and so I try to stay away from any legal issues. Sometimes it's worth a bit of hoop-jumping and paperwork to get something I'd really like to add to my collection (Mountain lions are a pain to own in Florida for example, but I've got one with all the necessary paperwork and I'll probably jump hoops to get a brown bear at some point too).The breadth of life on this planet is such that there will always be difficult to find, yet entirely legal pieces available to add to my collection!
  7. bonus41

    bonus41 Member

    I'm not to sure about the USA but going by the rules here in Canada; once an animal is processed fully, the need for the Cites is no longer needed... Here we have otter like weeds! And when you trap an otter while it's raw it must have the Cities plastic tag; but once its tanned, mounted or processed (not including drying) the tag is not needed.. I don't know if thats true over in the us though :3
  8. Umm not quite. What you are talking about is sales/possession of said item within Canada or within your province. If you plan on importing a part from a CITES II or III animal a CITES export permit from its country of origin is required. This is if the item is processed, now if it was a raw skull you where trying to import from a foreign country that would bring a whole host of other issues due to diseases etc...

    Now where it gets weird is if you are bringing back a souvenir made from the parts of a CITES II or III animal and it is in your personal luggage then no permits are required. I have an email from CITES Canada confirming this, and can pm a print screen of that email to anybody who is interested. Method of transportation, changes permit requirements, go figure.
  9. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Seems like the eBay trolls have struck again. The seller apparently removed the skull. Most likely because of the usual eBay police emails screaming that it can not be sold. I have had some of these same emails sent by the animal rights yahoos and they can get quite nasty. Too bad.