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NTA Ramblings

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by NTA, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. I also objected to the check to Kulis written without board authorization.

    As mentioned to bad the Current admin cannot be open, you only point fingers and say things.

    There was not much money left int he account when Janellis resigned.

    Oh Harry ran off, like you board goobers have done 9 good people in the past 60 days.

    Maybe I should do like everyone else and take a double doze of Fucitall.
  2. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    OK, now John, PLEASE STOP!! You are not accomplishing anything. It's over. The current administration is TOTALLY TRANSPARENT!! We have nothing to hide and no one has any hidden agenda, NO ONE!!!

    Now ZORRO, just to show how out of touch you are the last time the NTA had a convention in your "HOTBED" it just so happened to be the second to the worst convention the NTA has ever had up to 2007!!! This is coming straight from the horses mouth. Now other than trying to stir controversy, what is you post really about? What you folks that keep posting all of this negativity will soon realize that the current administration IS GOING to accomplish what the previous administrations didn't. We will right the ship. We will do it with total transparency, sound business practices and HONESTY!!!!

  3. zorro

    zorro New Member

    Well since think you are such a genius. How about explaining how these are available but not posted?? Maybe because you would look like a fool? I suggest everyone go and read these before the REDACTED ones show up on the NTA Site.

    Enjoy, then call the Tyrant and figure out what to do next.


    Accomplish what? That there is money laying around doing nothing for the membership but putting on a Glorified State Show? Actually smaller than many state shows. Spending ca$h for the Henchman's personal bills and outrageous "expenses" turned in by board members. Using that same power to shut out deserving winners at the convention? Unscrupulous judging practices to keep the Old Guard in power? Board decisions being ignored and sabotaged by the Tyrant and his Henchman. Lies and Lies and Lies and Lies out of the Henchmans mouth. Two faced talk and backstabbing actions by the same? Spending money frivolously when the convention could have been done for a lot less at almost any venue?

    Harry I believe YOU believe. However you missed all that happened from Jan to July. Good Luck. Do NOT trust the Henchman.
  4. Amazing how those suddenly appear! ???

    And I was present at those meetings and I will tell you some of which is on Zorros link form is true and some were definitely edited to suit someones agenda. And I certainly don't mean any agenda for any of the currently acting board.

    There is more than a missed or rearranged word or 2. And this is not an objection after the fact. A few of us objected to the accusations made toward Fred even the next day after the first meeting -reference to first minutes. I can provide emails to prove it if need be.

    1. Fred said jokingly "we can name it after him" he did not say " He did not say name it after me" and he was referring to Jim Ellis, if he could get the materials donated to pour the lion.

    2. The conversation that Fred and John got into a heated discussion over was the articles of incorporation, they interrupted each other a few times trying to get their point across. But twice when John interrupted Fred, he called him a liar, when he was trying to explain the articles had not been updated by the NTA attorney. Fred told him "now that's twice, you call me a liar again I'll hand you your a$$" John asked "Is that a threat?" Fred said "no that's a promise, keep it up and I'll hand you your a$$ in court".

    And again, I am not the only board member that heard the same conversation. And no it was not just Tim and I if that's whats coming next.

    But I'm sure the recording has been destroyed or also edited.
  5. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    To start Zorro or Chris or whoever, I guess time will tell. You need to make up your mind whether the next show will be a great one or just a state show since you seem to have a crystal ball in front of you. The current administration is working together which is a far cry from the administration that you were involved with. The Tyrant while you were involved was simply trying to get the last administration to follow simple business practices but it seems that most if not all were simply too ignorant to realize. That's why the Tyrant resigned. So it seems, the current BOD understands reason. The current BOD has nothing to hide (unlike the last administration). The current BOD IS WORKING TOGETHER instead of all the backstabbing that occurred in the past. There is a reason. It's the quality and integrity of the people involved. Despite what you think about the Tyrant and the Henchman you fail to realize that it was actually YOU and YOUR accomplices that were the problem. We are here now to ACCOMPLISH returning the NTA to what it once was with the exception that it is being run without corruption and TRANSPARENT!!! WE WILL ACCOMPLISH THIS!!!!

    Also Chris, your little 7 month stint pales in comparison to what the Tyrant, Henchman and I have been through...

    Michelle, yes, it is amazing how those now suddenly appear!!! Too bad they've been edited.......
  6. zorro

    zorro New Member

    Whatever. You know those are the exact meeting minutes that were sent out in NTA emails prior to meetings. You got them as did the Henchman and the rest of the board. Nothing has been changed. Now some people want to say they are inaccurate. Those are the people who said damaging things and now want to make up revisionist history. Gosh I wonder if the recordings still exist? :eek:

    The currently active board has no agenda. Only the Tyrant and the Henchman get to make any decisions. The board just grins and obeys. As far as I can see and read only the Tyrant's agenda is being followed. I guess he wins in the end. He is just like the Pied Piper to some people.

    As long as the henchman continues to spout his rhetoric Zorro will be here to correct him.

    Hey John C, sorry you keep getting blamed for the Zorro thing. You don't deserve it.
  7. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Wrong answer Harry. You presented a letter of engagement without an inkling of what the fees actually would be. In front of the board, I explained exactly why I could not and would not sign any binding document with out first establishing the basic costs that would be entailed accordingly. You assured us we would have that before any invoice was tabulated. In fulfilling my presidential duties, I called, wrote and emailed your friend Randy and he never replied until Carol sent him a certified letter asking for an itemized invoice. You never told me or asked my opinion as to how many times you called him at the 2013 show. Mitch and I both called Randy and he informed us of all those calls and personalized service he was providing the NTA without anyone ever knowing his fees. Moreover, he simply could not fathom how you were conducting yourself with regard to that invoice assuring us that he had part or parcel of your insatiable tirades here and in personal disparaging emails to us. The "invoice" that you sent for Randy to us made the invoices from Pat Patrick look like Happy Meal menus. We never once implied that his bill would not be paid. We merely expressed the shock of such an exorbitant final bill of which even you said it amazingly shocked you as well. Yes - I gave you authorization to find a CPA based upon you telling me that it would not go over $2500.00 yet it was almost doubled. You were emphatically told that it was the Board who makes the final decision based upon service and cost. The entire Board supported my take on all this as did our attorney at the time. The way you handled it afterwards by fully expressing your threats, name calling and false accusations will be documented here on taxidermy.net forever.

    Furthermore, I've seen everyone's name behind the registration tables of 2013 get dragged through the mud here about the alleged missing 10K except one, your ex-wife Vicky. Recall I paid to the both of you cash money for 5 complimentary banquet tickets. You insisted I just take them, I insisted upon paying the full price and I did. No invoice was given or provided to me for that expense, yet now you state the lack of protocol and acumen we had during that and previous shows for not doing the very same thing. Not a single soul ever brought up Vicky's name for mishandling, misappropriating or stealing that missing money. What made her invulnerable to such humiliating tactics of yours or anyone else's I'll never know.
    One thing is certain, we will always respect the leadership roles of the NTA. Some people who hold those positions will never maintain our respect again. No one has posted more antagonizing, disrespectful and humiliating posts with regard to any level of NTA leadership than you have. Now you're on the Board (again). It would be easier to remove the catylst from Bondo after it kicks than to separate you from your agenda. Nobody ever ran you off - trust me, we know that feeling all too well.

    Last but not least, the Board, at the suggestion of Fred, agreed to pay Joe Kulis any out of pocket expenses incurred until a contract was formulated. Joe wasn't run off, he was mob lynched. He submitted his complete and final invoice and it was paid. Now then, you can continue to push forward or
    stay in the quagmire of the past.

    Dear Zorro,
    Thank you for pulling up this thread last night. Having an NTA Racist resign in social media was more than I deserved to enjoy.
  8. hodx

    hodx Herman Darr

    time to put this all to bed
  9. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Ok John, thank you for just proving my point. A letter of engagement does not outline ANY fees. It is simply a document that states that they will perform the work and the NTA will pay them. SIMPLE BUSINESS PRACTICE!!! How in the world could you possibly be the leader of ANY Board without knowing anything about something as basic as this.
    It is now your inability to understand that has precipitated your current post. Please show me John where I specifically accused anyone of stealing anything. All I did was INFORM the Board that there was money gone just as I should have done because that was my duty as financial chairman. Now stay with the facts John.

    OK, correct me if I'm wrong but is that your name on that last post? It's YOU bringing up the past albeit distorted to fit your inability to lead an organization. Why don't you let the membership in on your inability to stand up to Mr Ellis and Mr Webb when you informed them that you had appointed me as financial chair? Let's hear all about that!

    You need to move on yourself John and if you don't understand something you should ask someone what's up before you make a fool of yourself.

    Furthermore, not once, not even the first time did you give me OR my ex wife ANY money in any form for any tickets or services. I had ZERO control of money being taken in. You have just proved to me that you are a total liar. Nice try John but just like the last administrations attempt to put the blame on me for the missing funds by saying I entered it incorrectly, you have come up terribly short.
  10. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Chris, you were in charge of the website at that time. Guess the question is for you to answer. Why didn't YOU post those meeting minutes to the website?

    That is April and May. Where are all the rest?
  11. antlerman

    antlerman NTA Life Member #0118

    Tyrant = Fred Vanderburgh
    Henchman = Tim Thacker
    Zorro = Chris Feldt

    in case anyone really gives a chit,or was wondering.
  12. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    While we are on the subject, I'll further exhibit your inability to comprehend SIMPLE BUSINESS PRACTICES. Let's talk about when you took CASH out of the cash box to give to Bobby Lofton without even creating an invoice or any means of receipt. Now no one in their right mind with any common sense regarding the business world would even attempt such a thing!!!
    Shall I go on John? Shall I keep giving examples or your ineptitude or are you willing to except the facts. You keep telling Tim I need to apologize for accusing Carol for stealing the money OF WHICH I NEVER DID!! HER OR ANYONE ELSE!! IF you can show me where i specifically named Carol as stealing the money then I WILL APOLOGIZE!! Until then it is you that needs to apologize and once you do we can work together and move forward.....or shall I continue.
  13. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    NTA Ramblings

    Here you go John!! Remember when you said you had to give him cash so you paid it yourself and I reimbursed you??

    Lord, don't you just love this program??? Maybe this is why some of you didn't like it very much!!

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  14. I only ask my name and photo beromed fromt he NTA website, I am not resigning my LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP #118 nor am I resigning my NTA Judging.

    Michelle lied

    First this was not as follows
    The conversation that Fred and John got into a heated discussion over was the articles of incorporation, they interrupted each other a few times trying to get their point across. But twice when John interrupted Fred, he called him a liar, when he was trying to explain the articles had not been updated by the NTA attorney. Fred told him "now that's twice, you call me a liar again I'll hand you your a$$" John asked "Is that a threat?" Fred said "no that's a promise, keep it up and I'll hand you your a$$ in court".

    And again, I am not the only board member that heard the same conversation. And no it was not just Tim and I if that's whats coming next.

    But I'm sure the recording has been destroyed or also edited.

    " It was not the articles of incorporation. it happened during Executive session and never was the about the articles of incorporation. It happened over the removal of the prize fund from the NTA website during the WTC."

    Back to the articles of incorporation that argument was they had not been updated and even Mitch said the NTA turned that over to the state and no one other than the state of Louisiana was responsible for that update.

    Beside that fact had Fred ask the question instead of playing GOD, he would have gotten the right answer, he was already on a witch hunt. and NEVER did the words in Court leave his mouth.

    That was twice Fred has threatened me!!

    JJ dont relish in the fact to hard, I said remove my name, as per my group of lawyer and and Federal Agents.

    Dear public. I am only a board member who has fought long and hard to make the NTA show their true colors.
    Now you see it, the mission is not to do anything other than play at having a show and play on grabbing your money.
    Sad fact if you set in a read these numerous post.

    Someone who I did hack my Facebook account, I do in fact have proof of where the hack came from and have a video of the person at the internet cafe in Union City NJ, I have time, duration of hack.

    I also have data logs of both my cell phone and my computer showing I did not make the post John Janelli calls, sad fact it was only up for a very short time. I was on the road traveling just east of Nashville I-40 driving at the time the post was made.

    John Janeilli, Sam Cook, and allegedly Harry Whitehead are the only people who claim to have seen this post. there were a couple other people who have signed Affadavits that had their names attached to the photo, they say it was never posted. The post was only up for 10 minutes when the hacker attacked.

    Now here is the where the hacker screwed up. My attorneys and the agents have hired a man with write the Grand Theft Auto games, he developed a program that tears any and all pictures apart forensically. This is showing how the photo was cut and pasted. and embedded in the photo is the name and serial number of the PaintShop program that was used to fake the photo.

    So tread very fricken lightly folks I am not playing games.

    So through three administrations of the NTA all I have found is the henchmen will twist the story, in other words tell a lie time and time again until they dont know the truth.

    Folks good luck with this cliquish bull crap.

  15. Yep you're right I did see the first minutes. But not until they were way past due and then only when John wanted them to try to threaten Fred with. BUT they were NOT to be posted on the website because they were NOT approved because they were not transcribed properly and was voted down by a majority.

    And by the way what is with all the alias nicknames? Everyone knows who you are trying to refer to but keep in mind not everyone likes to roll play.
    Just like I don't like being referred to as "the naïve" that just sits, smiles, and nods my head in agreement. Like I'm some awestruck child.
    I will be the first one to admit my own short comings but a LIAR or naïve child, I am not!

    John I SAID it was over the articles of incorporation. Just because I didn't go into detail of "WHAT ABOUT" the it WAS about the articles of incorporation. And they weren't updated the only thing that had been done was the NTA attorney logged into the site Mar of 2015 because the board officers that were on there have not been on the board in a while.

    SO I'll say again I am no liar!
  16. CJ59

    CJ59 New Member

    Actually, I prepare letters of engagement all the time for my law firm, which explicitly spell out what the client will be charged, from attorneys hourly fees to any secretarial overtime, if necessary, to postage costs, photocopy fees and court fees.
  17. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    Just a note. What most if not all of you don't understand is that we have educated people on the Board now. We don't have anyone that doesn't understand protocol. We don't have anyone that doesn't know what a letter of engagement is. We all realize what each other's strongpoints are and what each of us can contribute. No one is going behind the others back and undermining the will of the Board. We all understand COMMON BUSINESS PRACTICES and what must be done to run a not for profit organization. When we come across something we are unsure of we seek legal counsel to ensure we are doing the right thing. We are not a bunch of immature know it all's that if they don't get their way they start controversy. WE LISTEN TO OUR PRESIDENT and DISCUSS ISSUES FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE ASSOCIATION.

    Michelle, we are behind you. It must be killing these people to realize that this Board has it's act together unlike past dysfunctional Boards. Those that know you realize that you're NOT naïve OR a liar!!
  18. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    You are correct Carol. An attorneys letter of engagement has some of the same elements as an accountants letter but not all. Not all letters of engagement include fees. In this case that would have come later once the job is described and a rate sheet issued.
  19. John Janelli

    John Janelli New Member

    Then why did you agree with providing a letter of engagement complete with fees and costs in the first place once I made an issue of it at the board meeting? We have every copy of every communication with Randy. And it took a certified letter to finally get the complete invoice. Spare us poor uneducated souls your grief. Not everyone can be as fully capable and perfect as you laud to be. When is the next conference call? I'd like to get a few things cleared up with this wonderfully certified board you're bragging about. OPEN YOUR EYES Board. Show me a board member who willfully holds back vital information and documents accentuated with threats and self aggrandizement until his agenda is met and it's worse than "dysfunctional" - it's ultimately despicable to say the least.
  20. Harry Whitehead

    Harry Whitehead I love to hunt Buffalos!!!!!

    What agenda John? Surely you're not speaking of me because I have no agenda. There are no documents being withheld. What documents are you talking about to start with? I'll tell you what's despicable. That was your inability to lead. Your lack of leadership precipitated corruption, deceit and animosity. I reiterate my earlier statement, "It must be killing these people to realize this Board has its act together unlike past dysfunctional Boards". Surely John, you can't label the Board that you were the President of FUNCTIONAL? You started off good only to finish horribly! And God only knows this last Board was.....well, we all know the answer to that one!