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HELP! Stolen Antlers...

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by dc240nt, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. dc240nt

    dc240nt Lets Talk Big Bucks!!

    This is a bow killed buck from Minnesota that was stolen from Bruce Guck. The deer was killed in Dodge Co, Mn early 90's. Bruce killed the deer, recovered it, placed his tag on it, then went to get his car. He watched as a pickup with Wisconsin plates drove up to the deer and two men quickly loaded it and left the scene heading east. That was the last he seen the buck. A few years later while at the MN State Fair he seen this replica hanging in the Ron Shara building. I dont remember the story from that point forward except he has drawn a blank and dead end with every possible lead. According to this replica, the deer NET SCORES 204 TYPICAL...if anyone has any information on this deer I'd sure like to hear from you. Go ahead and share this information and photo. We have a big enough network that hopefully we can find a solid lead. Obviously someone has made a replica or two so I'm hoping someone from this site may know something. Please PM me if you have any information at all. The photo of the shoulder mount was taken by Bruce at the State Fair. The other two pics recently surfaced in Virginia. Thank you for your help, I know Bruce would appreciate it.

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  2. seaduck23

    seaduck23 New Member

    I would of died of dehydration and hunger before I walked away from that buck.what a shame.I hope you find the scumbags one day.good luck.

  3. joeym

    joeym Old Murphey

    Certainly no doubt about it being the same deer. I wish him well in his efforts to finally reclaim his trophy.