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When to quit my day job

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by joe, Oct 10, 2015.

  1. joe

    joe Member

    Thanks to all the replys. biggest thing at this point I hate my day job at this time . My house is paid for I have two rental properties that are paying for them selves and they'll be paid for in 7 to 8 years I have three girls 12,9,and5 my wife has an OK job we can get on her benefits they're not as good as mine but there OK when it comes to mounting I'm on the faster side so I can turn out work at a decent rate I would like to build the new shop that I wouldn't grow out of but that keeps getting put off for all kinds of resons I also bought a lot on the main drag just incase in wanted to build on A high traffick road most of my work is working class people with just a few big money guys. looks like I mite get two safaris in this year and that would be my first . my turnaround time is running a year at this Time and I hate it I'm stuck in a hard spot But the wife is supportive in what ever I choose
  2. Joe, You are writing this message at 2AM...I am guessing that between your job and taxidermy you don't see those three girls much, or your wife who supports your decision to go full time in taxidermy. You obviously already have a business mindset, with rentals and a house that is paid for. Your wife has benefits. You are a year behind.

    Quit your job you hate before you get a boatload of work in this fall, put a good quality sign on the main drag until you can afford a studio, spend the holidays with your family instead of in the taxidermy shop, and start enjoying life and taxidermy again.

    I moved my business 500 miles to a place where nobody knew me, during the recession, and in 5 years we have all the work we need and my wife and son quit their jobs they hate and work for me. I don't advertise anywhere except with my websites. (Important). I work 50 hours or so per week. We rent a 3500 sf commercial building in a good location.

    If your quality is even average, you will never regret your decision to go full time, and neither will your family. You will regret not doing this sooner, that's all.

  3. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    For the record, I am not in the taxidermy business and have no desire to do commercial. If you can't build on that lot yet, at least put up your sign with the phone number to help more people find and contact you until you can. If you can make it as a full time taxidermist I salute you. At this time I won't even try, but then again, I love my day job and it has benefits. I was self employed for seventeen years so I do know about business. Loved it but it got to be too much and I needed to slow down; too much stress.
  4. BrianHendricks

    BrianHendricks Member

    Sounds like you're ready. Good work ethic and good business sense are most important to a successful business. Sounds like you have both. Besides, it would be easy to find another job you hate. I'm with Mark ! Sooner the better ! Best of luck Joe !

    TIMBUCK Active Member

    And thats EXACTLY why I do what I do now.