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Bird feathers

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by Branden, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. Branden

    Branden Member

    I wash clean wash clean an wash some more.. I do not have a tumbler I use a blow dryer, all the feather looked great until I just about finished mounting it.. Now I have a few feathers in the neck area that I can't get to fall rite probly from touching it try to taxi it up, with gloves on.. Is there a way to get them rite now that I finished mounting it??
  2. finazducks

    finazducks EJ is not the only one to have two Wasco Awards

    Blow dry again. I had the same problem, now I blow dry throughout the mounting process

  3. Skin Deep

    Skin Deep Member

    Make sure that this skin is in the right place maybe it not making them sit right. I do normally blow dry it again to fluff them back up also.
  4. vmax

    vmax Member

    Sometimes the feathers are actually damaged....some how the shaft gets crushed or bent causing the feathers to not lay right. It's possible to get to the base of the feather, at the skin line, with a good set of tweezers and bend the shaft back into shape. This may help somewhat.

    It could be that the skin is pinched in that area or hanging up on the anatomy you fabricated. Clean quills just love to hang up on anything they can find. Take a pin and go in under the skin and lift up in the exact area that is messed up. As you are lifting you will see better how the skin and feathers start moving. You might see that you have the skin stretched to fare one way or another. Don't be afraid to get under that skin and taxi it around. I like using one of the longest EURO pins. It's smooth and gets under the skin easily.

    Sometimes it's an immature feather and it's rotating around in the skin and you need to turn it either direction to get it to lay properly. We all know how cantankerous pin feathers can be. That can be diagnosed by back grooming that area to make sure the feathers are all shingles properly and you don't have any feather trapped under or over others. You can also see if the down is fluffed properly in that area keeping the feathers shingled properly.

    If the area is not totally dry and you want to dry it more you cane use another method instead of blow drying a whole area with a blow dryer. I use an air compressor with a nozzle that I purchased at Home Depot. They have a long handle with a bent tube for the tip. This allows you to control how much air comes out and you can blow dry a very small area. I use this on all my head feathers because I have soaking wet cotton balls inside the head the whole time I am mounting the rest of the bird. Moisture always gets on the feathers so I use this nozzle to fluff the feathers again. They are only about 6 bucks and they are blue....don't recall the name.

    Good luck...hope you find something that works for you!
  5. Branden

    Branden Member

    Thanks for the feed bak guys much appreciated
  6. duxrus

    duxrus Active Member

    Post a picture of your issues so people can give you more specific advice. :)