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How much tan for gator

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Andrew L., Oct 30, 2015.

  1. Andrew L.

    Andrew L. Member

    I will be tanning an alligator for the first time and just not sure how many pounds of tan I need to get for an 8 foot gator (head detached). Will probably be using Lutun F or true tan reptile tan.
  2. Bruce_Rittel

    Bruce_Rittel Consultant Services

    If you decide to use Lutan F(N) - once the skin has relaxed and become flexible - drain it for 30 minutes and then - Weigh it! Use a simple bathroom scale. Weigh yourself first, then hold the skin in your arms and get its weight. I assume you are going to tan it statically - Garbage Can or Swimming Pool containers. Not Wet Drums. Once you have the weight you can now begin to calculate its usage.

    For a 20 Lb. skin, as an example, you want to soak it in 2 Qts. of Water per 1 Lb. - so both your Pickle and Tanning solutions require that you use 10 Gls. of solution for each one. If you use Lutan F(N) you will also need to know how much of it you need to complete a complete tan of that skin. And if you use it the way BASF (the Manufacturer) says - you need to use 1 Oz. of Lutan F(N) per 1 Lb. of skin weight. In this case you will need to use 20 Ozs. of it. So I would now order from my Supplier - 2 Lbs. of Lutan F(N) (32 Ozs.)!!
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  3. Andrew L.

    Andrew L. Member

    Okay thank you very much for the reply!
  4. Sitcrazy

    Sitcrazy New Member

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