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Mammal challenge this year?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by B.S.O'Hare, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. I'd like to try and get one in line. I've got several options. I love bobcats but I have a skunk, coyote, Bobcats, foxes, raccoons etc to do so....
  2. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    the only problem is its easy to judge coyote vs coyote.....or red fox vs red fox.....but....how you gonna judge weasel vs badger...or fisher vs skunk.....weasel family like canine family is a good challenge but should be narrowed down to one specific specie in that family.....

  3. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    I vote for wolverine. I got a few to do, and a few extra tanned ones for those looking for one.
  4. Has it been decided? Weasel/Mink/Marten/Wolverine/Fisher? How much time does everyone need?

    Post Yes or No, and final challenge date.
  5. Skywalker

    Skywalker Well-Known Member

    I'm in!
  6. GHeaven

    GHeaven New Member

    never tried the challange before, but I'm in..lay out the particulars so we can get started.
  7. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    I'm in
  8. Will end of January be enough time? I always get asked to extend the deadline, every single time.

    GHeaven do a search on past challenges to see how it goes. I will make an official post tomorrow.
  9. magicmick

    magicmick magicmick

    Good luck everyone .
  10. Todd B

    Todd B Active Member

    Wolverine would be cool. Hoytman can you message me on the cost of a wolverine that you have. Not sure I could swing it for this competiton but may be interested.

    Todd B
  11. hoytman

    hoytman UTA Member

    I'll try and play, I sent ya A PM
  12. Challenge Rules!

    Mustelidae Challenge!

    Weasel, Mink, Marten, Stoat, Otter, Badger, Ferret, Pole Cat, Fisher, Wolverine

    The Rules:

    One mount, any pose, any type of base.
    Two photos allowed per entry. Pictures should be around 600px by 800px. Please downsize your photos to 300 kb or less.
    Pics must be taken OUTSIDE (no fancy backdrops! please no photoshopping!).
    Entries must be submitted by January 31 2016!

    This is a "Taxidermists' Choice" challenge, therefore the winner will be decided by a poll. The mounter of each entry will remain anonymous until the voting is over. So when you finish your mount and take the 2 photos, you can PM them to me by January 31st, and I will post each group of photos with a number on a poll thread. There will be a four day poll, you choose your favorite and the mount with the most votes wins!

  13. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    Too many different critters in my opinion.wolverine is gonna win whoever does one.
  14. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    I agree Brian.........I believe my weasels would blow away almost any other weasels...and prob mink,marten too....but a wolverine just has too much going for it....fisher too....so think I will pass on this one....unless anyone wants to challenge me with a weasel...st. ,least ,or lt....white or brown....
  15. nate

    nate Active Member

    I guess i dont see the problem. Ive seen lots if wolverines that looked good at shows never win anything. I think then secrect would be to take pictures up close to make it look as big as a wolverine. Ive got a martin thats been waiting to get mounted for three years now. So maybe ill have the time to put it together. Tannery destroyed one ear on it!!! :(
  16. byrdman

    byrdman Well-Known Member

    its the wow factor.....look at what the "red" fox challenge...a silver....
  17. Brian

    Brian Active Member

    if you go to a car show and say it's a Chevy show or say a ford show.what's gonna win a impala or corvette.or say a pinto or a mustang.9 out of 10 times it's gonna be the vette or mustang.when I go look at cars at the dealer don't get me wrong the ford Taurus is nice .sharp looking nice rims nice interior etc but guess what.on my way home all I'm going to be thinking is damn that mustang was badazz.both ford's both new both have great features but the wow factor always wins.
  18. wa

    wa Thanks John...this depicts me better

    corvettes suck I loved my pinto woody wagon ps I hate the ( wow factor)
  19. Skywalker

    Skywalker Well-Known Member

    If I see a Weasel I like better than a Wolverine I'm voting for the Weasel! I think the challenge will go fine.
  20. o man I just remembered why I wasn't going to do these anymore.... Good thing it is all just for fun!

    This ain't no car show, but road kill is allowed.