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Bobcat hide for mount, coyote also, racoon also, fox

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Houdini, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Houdini

    Houdini New Member

    Hello I'm looking for a bobcat hide for a full body mount. Also if u have coyote, fox,racoon. Thanks
  2. Visit our web site to see pictures and details of the bobcat, coyote, fox, and raccoon we have for sale.


  3. freeze_1

    freeze_1 Booboo, my business manager

    PM sent
  4. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    see my ads on the for sale forum for bobcats and coyotes. with pictures and prices. in the first 10 pages. can ship you both in the same box and save shipping costs.
  5. jhits

    jhits Active Member

    I have dry tanned grey foxes for sale. Cased skinned with feet & claws. Inner eye skinned out. Ears turned. The lips were not split. Email [email protected]