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first beaver tail...using the real tail..no repro

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by frenchydermist, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. frenchydermist

    frenchydermist New Member

    Hi folks!
    Could you tell me what kind of cut you guys do when you have to keep the real tail on a full body beaver mount? It is my first beaver and I have another tail to mount, just the tail and it has to be displayed in order to see both sides.
    thans for you inputs!
  2. B.S.O'Hare

    B.S.O'Hare Member

    I would slipcast it.

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Remove the tail with the skin. On the underside of the tail, make an incision down the center on the indented line of the tail. Carefully lift the skin and with a very sharp scalpel, start skinning towards the edge. When you get about a half inch from the edge, CAREFULLY cut down through the soft tissue to the top side of the tail. Carefull skin the top off by lifting the tissue as you cut. Once you have it freed, go back to the skin and remove the tail and discard. Now comes the tricky part. That half inch you left around the edges has to come out and it's tedious work but can be done. Once done, you can tan the tail along with the hide. I've had them commercially done this way. When I mount the beaver, I take a 10 gauge wire and make a "U". I insert the wires into the foam body and with either clay (cheaper) or Apoxie Sculpt, I begin sewing up the tail from the tip end. That allows me to pack the tail as I move towards the body and shape it to the contours desired. You could use foam but it's rather messy or you could carve one FROM foam, but I've always used clay.
  4. frenchydermist

    frenchydermist New Member

    Thanks a lot Mr.Roof!